Listing Activities

My kid is working on Activities section in an application.
His activites are:

1. School news paper: Editor-in-chief (12th), Business manager (11th, 12th)
News Editor (11th), Staff writer (10th)
2. The school disability group care club: President (12th), Vice-President (11th)
3. Freshmen Mentoring group: Executive board member (12th), Member (11th)
4. Student Council: Member(12th, 11th)),
5. Playing music in Nursing homes (from Freshmen year, every month),
6. Hospital volunteering (150 hours, 2 1/2 years)

Which one should be Included AND also Excluded?
(He will be applying for Humanities/Social science field, Top 10 schools)

He wants to EXCLUDE Hospital Volunteering because He will not apply for Science/Engineering.

But I think “Freshmen mentoring group” does not weigh much because too many student-mentors are doing this activity. (very typical type of activities for filing up an college application form). Also I believe Hospital Volunteering is worth regardless of future majors.

I would like to hear your HONEST opinions! Appreciate it. Thanks

Aren’t there 10 spots? Why not list all?

And I would keep the volunteering. Maybe link it with the playing music in Nursing Homes. Volunteering - Hospital and nursing home…

As @momofsenior1 says, there are 10 spots on the Common Application (and 8 on the Coaliton,) so your kid should list both of these activities as they’ve done them over a long period of time/have a leadership role in them. Make sure to be succinct in descriptions given that there is a character limit, but also give a brief explanation for any activities that aren’t easily understandable (no need to explain what science olympiad/bowl is, but if you won an award, include out of how many teams you placed etc.)

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Thank you!

Thank you!