Listing Class Rank

<p>My school recently decided to remove class rank starting with my graduating class. So, our ranks will no longer appear on our transcripts and I don't think they will be kept in the school records either. What I'd like to know is whether I could put down my rank at the end of my junior year, which I already know, on the class rank section of the Common App and then indicate somewhere that this is my rank after junior year. My counselor could also mention this in her recommendation or something. I'm in the top 3 of a class of around 1100, so I think putting this down would help my overall application.</p>

<p>If you were provided a junior rank at end of junior year you can put it in an application. You don't have to say it was for junior year because that is the only one the colleges expect to be told in an application that you will be filing in the fall before class rank could officially change.</p>

<p>Okay, sounds good. The 1st semester of senior year will end before the RD deadline of January 1st, so my rank could still change, but I shouldn't have to worry about that, right?</p>