lit sat II

<p>no one takes this SAT 2 from my school. has anyone taken it or does anyone know about it. is it easy? and do you need to do prep for it? thanks</p>

<p>It's probably the hardest SAT II there is and almost impossible to prep for. I guess you can take practice tests, but you can't really study all that much.</p>

<p>Wait, the literature one? It was easy. As long as you can do the critical reading on the SAT I, you should have no problem on the lit SAT II. I went in completely unprepared (all I knew was where my test center was and which two tests I was taking) and I still got a 710.</p>

<p>is the literature SAT II the one where you`re reading critical reading passages and answering questions?</p>

<p>^ yes. There's a little bit more analyzing, but that's basically it. I actually found it easier than the critical reading, except for a couple of questions dealing with some vocabulary I didn't know.</p>

<p>Wow, you're so wrong be<em>a</em>star, it's way harder than critical reading. It's actual analysis and not obvious questions like CR. It's not hard in the sense that you need to prepare, you can't, but it's hard in the sense that getting 750+ on it is near impossible if you aren't naturally skilled at lit, if you're naturally skilled then it's easy. If you don't believe me that it's really hard for most people, look at the CC scores, a lot of them are in the 600s...</p>

<p>I want to take the lit sat2...</p>

<p>but now I'm scared...</p>

<p>i thought it was easy 760 no prep
(sat II math on the other hand...)</p>

<p>i took AP lang, and that gave me almost no prep for this SAT 2. There were some questions (pentameters, sonnets, etc) that you could learn about before taking it. Otherwise, just make good guesses and skip the absolutely impossible ones. I came out with a 670 no prep.
You either get poetry or you don't, you know?
(I don't)</p>

<p>I got a 770 little to no prep...and I didn't think it was that hard. See, I thought it was a lot different than the CR section of SAT b/c on that I got a 720, so uh, Lit is easier. Maybe that I had AP Lang before helped but I don't think that was it. The reason I took this SAT II was because I thought it would def. be the easiest to do without any prep.</p>

<p>what is the general concensus on a good score on this test? (good for the top top colleges)</p>

<p>is it 700+? 750+?</p>

<p>(im trying to decide whether or not i should retake)</p>

<p>I got a 750 -- all you can do is practice tests, Kaplan actually had some decent ones. I think I used an older edition of their book, which had like 8 practice tests. On the practice tests, I would score like 740-760 so I guess they're pretty accurate, although the first test I got like a 650. Good luck! </p>

<p>PS Also if you're well-read, its very likely you will come across passages on the test you have already read. This happened for me for 2/7 passages.</p>

<p>doctorrobert, I usually say that my goal is a 750 but I won't retake anything over 700. Just my humble opinion.</p>

<p>over 700 is good, but over 750 is great.</p>

<p>to be specific, i got a 720. i did no prep, so i think if i did some practice tests and got familiar with the types of questions asked i could bring it up? although i have heard that its very difficult to prep for this test...</p>

<p>so probly not worth retaking?</p>

<p>thanks for all the responses btw, wow 3 responses in less than 3 minutes...</p>

<p>I think writing/critical reading are my strong points, and I was very disappointed with my score. I would definitely recommend that you devote some serious time to studying for this one. </p>

<p>Going into this test without any prep is probably not to your advantage. Although you can probably use common sense on some questions and just guess at others, there are some very specific things that you will not know unless you study for them, such as rhythm in poetry and rhyme scheme.</p>

<p>Also, almost all of the answer choices are very vague. The answer could be any one of them, so process of elimination won't help you much here.</p>

<p>I only hope I do better when I retake in October. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>i got a 750 with basically no prep. i also don't read either. (unless you count sparknotes and cc) it really isnt that difficult if youre naturally good at it or if you get passages that you understand.</p>

<p>I think the best way to study is to do lots with poetry because there are like 5 passages on the test (I dont remember really) and more than 1/2 were poetry on mine. I HATE poetry but you should definitely study all those poetic things like iambic pentameter and whatnot.</p>

<p>thanks everyone. i'm really not very good at poetry so i'm definitely not going to take it now. i'm glad i didn't waste my time trying to study for it lol. now i'll take either chem, math IIc, or bio instead. <--which do you think is the easiest of those?</p>

<p>math IIC the easiest by far to prepare for....the others require extensive subject knowledge...</p>