Lit tomorrow morning- HELP!

<p>As usual, I've procrastinated absurdly and entirely failed to study for a test I have in 12 hours. Is there anything I can do to study at this point? I have the Princeton Review book but I've heard that it's not particularly helpful.</p>

<p>Is the lit subject test similar to the critical reading section of the SAT? I got an 800 on that without much/any effort, so if they're similar, I think I should be okay. If not, though, I'm a bit worried; since I'm a senior, this is pretty much my last chance to finalize my subject tests. Any advice at all?</p>


<p>The test is in 12 hours?! -has to study for the Japanese one-</p>

<p>hahahaha believe me, it snuck up on me too! damn euro readings and early action deadlines getting in the way of my subject tests :/ good luck!</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Lit requires little or no outside knowledge and you should be fine on it based on your CR score. I don't think its possible to really study for english anyways... most you can do is practice tests .</p>

<p>Lit seems far harder than CR based off of the practice test I took (in the blue book for subject tests). I got a 620 after getting a 740 CR. I'm so nervous, I completely bombed the sections on poetry.</p>

<p>There's so much poetry! ugghhhh</p>

<p>ughhh god dammit, i've been perusing my princeton review guide for the last 1/2 hour or so, and the questions are so stupid and arbitrary! i got around 1/3 of them wrong because they are almost all up to interpretation. if the test is this hard tomorrow i'm gonna get like a 500! i really want (/need) a 750+ but that's looking unrealistic.</p>

<p>the poetry's really killing me too, that seems to be the problem for all of us :(</p>

<p>Lit is one of the harder exams. Still you probably won't get a 500
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<p>I tend to be good at interpreting literature and I still did poorly on it. Does anyone think that speedy reading can hurt scores significantly on Lit in comparison to CR? I have the problem of being a super-speed reader (I finished my CR sections 10 minutes ahead of time...) and I have the feeling that that could kill me here when a good performance is dependent on in-depth reading. </p>

<p>Does anyone have tips on how to understand poetry well?</p>

<p>Read the poem once, scan the questions because they usually contain phrases that will help you understand what's going on, and then read the poem at least two more times. I read quickly as well (finished my BB practice in 40 minutes), and that was with multiple re-readings. Had it been an actual administration, I would've looked over my poetry and stuff again as well.</p>