Literature score inaccurate?

<p>So when I got my results for literature yesterday I was kind of shocked because my score was so low. I had checked my answers with the lit forum and at most I might've missed 5-7, with 4 blank because I ran out of time. However, my score was below 600 :/
Is it possible collegeboard made a mistake while grading?
and FYI I got a 790 in CR</p>

<p>Hm... that does seem a bit odd. I got 800 in CR and 750 in Lit without much studying, so I'd expect similar results with you.</p>

<p>yeah, that's a score i would contest, considering it's not like you got a 720 and you expected an 800.</p>

<p>A few points to consider: </p>

<li>You might have made mistakes in bubbling in, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. </li>
<li>A 600 is above the 50th percentile so a little below a 600 is not extremely terrible. If there were a grading mistake, you would think it would affect a large chunk of your test, which error would make your grade very low. While a 790 on Critical Reading is great, it doesn't always translate to the SAT II's. I think the same holds true for the math. I got a high math score on the ACT and a very low math II score the first time I took it.</li>
<li>You can't always trust the consensuses on CC. I took the MathII a couple of months ago expecting a 740 because of the "consensuses" from posters on here, but it turned out I got much higher than that (60 points to be exact). </li>

<p>It's also very expensive to have them take another look at it. How did you feel after taking the test? Before coming on CC, were you comfortable with your answers? Also consider, as stated, the chance that you made a mistake bubbling in answers, as disappointing as that would be.</p>

<p>I have a habit of circling the answer in the booklet first, then bubbling it in on the answer sheet, so most likely I didn't make any mistakes on bubbling. I felt pretty confident about a 700 or high 600s after the test, and CC's answers were a little different than mine, but it was only a few and I figured it wouldnt make that much of a difference. I felt like I at least got the majority of the problems right. </p>

<p>How much does a restoring cost? And what was the curve for this test?</p>

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<p>55 bucks unless the subject tests have a different sheet. I have no idea what the curve was. I have a friend who also did poorer than the last time she took it, so it's quite possible that it was harsh.</p>

<p>Hmm if I just send in the score instead of having it rescored will a 500 something look bad? I'm not applying to ivies, just UCs.
Thanks for the info btw</p>

<p>Yea, I think a 5 something would be below average. I'm not saying it will kill your app by any means, but it won't make it look better.</p>

<p>Is it likely that if I did get it rescored, it would be higher?</p>