little help

<p>Asian (Indian) Male
Junior Right now
Mother- High School education
Father- Masters</p>

<p>GPA: 3.63 unweighted
Sat I: 700v, 650m= 1350
Sat 2’s going to take or possibly act with writing</p>


<p>Key Club (3yrs)
National Spanish Honors Society
Math Olympiads (1 yr)
STUGO (2yrs)
National Honors Society (2yrs)
Asian Cultural Association (2yrs)
Kumon Tutoring Center (2yrs)</p>

<p>SADD (2yrs)- allowed speakers to come and organized assemblies for approx. 2500, volunteered with helping for certain organizations, led meetings, allowed to student body to learn about the effects of drugs/alcohol by watching student led assemblies such as skits and assemblies. (Probably my biggest ec)</p>

<p>Young Democratic Club (2yrs)
WPAC (2yrs)
Uni-town (2yrs)
Seeds of Peace (2yrs)
Whos Who…Student</p>


<p>Senator for STUGO
Math Club- Secretary
Vice President- SADD
Kumon Tutoring Center (work experience)
Asian Cultural Association- President </p>

<p>Volunteer Work</p>

<p>Library (4yrs)
Hospital (2yrs)
Various activites for Key Club</p>

<p>I took mostly IB classes and honors. Only one class wasnt advanced which was my elective. Math was a level ahead but not honors. </p>


<li>Penn State at University Park</li>
<li>University of Wisconsin-Madison</li>
<li>Boston College</li>
<li>University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill</li>
<li>University of Michigan-Ann Arbor</li>
<li>George Washington University University</li>
<li>Syracuse University</li>

<p>I wanna apply ea to GWU, NYU or umich. Hopefully it will increase my chances.</p>

<p>GW has early decision, not early action. If you keep up your grades, I'm sure you're in there. Remember though that ED is binding. NYU is ED also. I think Michigan is rolling admissions, so if you get your application in early you might have a great school to fall back on.</p>

<p>thanks for your help! Can anyone else help me?</p>