little ques.

<p>do any of you know any good websites for physics help? i'm struggling a bit in that class and would appreciate advice.</p>

<p>sry...i know this ques. is kinda irrelevant to "colleges" per se...</p>

<p>i've googled around but have yet to find a good site</p>

<p>I bet there are enough physics geeks on this forum.. including myself... to help you w/ whatever problem you have.</p>

<p>There should be plenty of people that can help you on this forum, but I might be a little wary about posting questions here if you're really relying on people's answers. I've seen people give wrong answers a number of times and had to correct them, so you should keep in mind that there is a definite risk of that.</p>

<p>Thanks for the offer, but I'm mainly just looking for good websites since they're available 24/7. I doubt that I'll get much quick help on CC when it's 2 in the morning! :)</p>

<p>bump, bump...</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
I used this site for the first year of my IB physics HL and i guess it works...</p>

<p>thanks rispat, i'll check it out.
are there anymore?</p>