Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

<p>After some remarks my daughter made yesterday, I am looking into this as a potential Christmas present for her. Has anyone any experience with this product? Can you tell me the pros and cons?</p>

<p>great gadget. i think i have used it more for the entertainment value as opposed to the educational benefits.</p>

<p>i think the translator could be very useful. i think you can buy individual languages at reasonable prices.</p>

<p>i love the music feature–could be great for aspiring musicians. you can also do artwork and later import that into some sort of paint program. </p>

<p>it eliminates the need for carrying a notebook (computer) to classes–you can download the files to your computer after class and have them on your laptop/desktop to review when you wish.</p>

<p>there is always concerns over privacy issues when recording lectures especially when there is a lot of student interaction, but i think for individual use it’s a great way to reinforce information.</p>

<p>I’ve also been looking at the Livescribe pen, mainly for school meetings where I’d like to have a better record of the discussions.</p>

<p>I was wondering if a student using this in class would normally have to sit in the front row for best results.</p>