Living Expenses?

<p>I logged in to my financial aid account because I got an email saying that my awards changed. When I checked my account everything was the same. I looked at the living expenses at it said it would cost me $16,972.. Is this accurate? I got my housing offer a couple of days ago and it said that the price for a triple in clark kerr is $13,949, which I think includes the standard meal plan... right? Why does the financial aid website say that the living expenses cost so much? Is there any way to reduce this amount??</p>

<p>hmmm. since they dont know your offer ahead of time, perhaps they base it on you living in a double and at the end of the year subtract excess grant money after seeing the housing cashier statements? (i think they did something like this when i lived in a foothill triple frosh year)</p>

<p>Ahh… This is so confusing lol. Thanks for your reply, did you end up spending ~ $17,000 on living expenses?</p>