Living in a Triple

<p>I just found out that I'll be living in a triple room this year. The dimensions of the room were ridiculously tiny and it looks like it's a bunk bed and then one regular bed. I didn't even know triples existed until today and honestly I'm kind of ****ed because I can't see any positives to having to share the tiny space with two other people instead of one. Has anyone ever lived in a triple before, and is it really as bad as it seems?</p>

<p>hey yea i lived in a triple last year. Yes it sucks a lot. Best advice is if its possible at your school, try to detriple as soon as possible. My 1st semester, one of my roommates left like 1 month in to live in a double in another dorm. 2 people in a triple works really well too. My 2nd semester I got 2 new roommates (my 1 roommate traveled abroad for his major) and they neither of them looked into leaving so i was stuck with 2 roommates for the semester. IDK I feel like its really hard to live the way you want in a triple. Like if you are a late person and go to sleep at 2 am and you roommate has early morning classes, you are going to have to stay quiet early in the night. I suffered from the opposite bc my roommate would normally be up till 1 am and i would have a class at 8 am the next morning which would really annoy me that he would stay up on his computer all night when i tried to sleep. I found it really hard to like my roomies after a few months bc you kinda get sick of them especially if they have nothing in common with you. gl tho and just try to get into a double if possible.</p>