Living in the Dorms (Junior)


<p>So, I never lived in the dorms before but after a sleepless situation in a terrible apartment, I am considering doing so. I am primarily only interested in singles in foothill (or anywhere north side). However, I have a difficult financial situation and will be trying to work off my living expenses.</p>

<p>Will I get the same financial aid as someone living in a triple in foothills (I have a low efc)?
If I choose to live in foothills will I receive the same amount of financial aid as that of someone living in unit 3?
Are north side apartments generally quiet? How much is a studio usually on north side or a 1bd rm apartment?
How hard will it be to get a single at foothills if I was never in the dorming system? harder? easier? same?</p>

<p>Hope you Cal bears have a great holiday haha :)</p>

<p>Why not try the coops?</p>

<p>You will be getting the same financial aid as someone living in a unit triple (cheapest on campus housing option). Since you want a single, you will have to definitely find additional funds to cover the cost since the amount allocated for housing in the financial aid budget of a student living on campus is less than the cost of a Foothill single.</p>

<p>Lots of co-ops are on the north side.</p>

<p>However, the quieter nicer ones are hard to get into for new members, more so for men. But the two women-only houses (one of which is on the north side, the other of which is in the fraternity and sorority area) may have openings earlier than most of t the other smaller houses.</p>

<p>The current waiting list shows immediate openings only in Wilde, which is in the fraternity and sorority area southeast of campus.</p>

<p>BSC</a> waiting list</p>