Living on campus apartments with spouse

<p>I'm looking into transferring for fall 2014. A few UCs I am applying to are far from my home and will require me to move. I'm looking into college apartments for married couples. However would we have to move out during summer? My spouse would be transferring from his company to one near by the school I end up going. So we would want to stay living in that city for a while until I graduate. Should we look into getting apartments off campus instead?</p>

<p>I would look into off-campus if not just because you don’t have the fear of having to find somewhere to live during the Summer. I would also think that a lot of on-campus housing is expected to be shared by students because of availability.</p>

<p>I went to UCSD, and I don’t believe residents who lived in the housing for married couples had to move out during the summer. I would be really surprised if any of the UCs that offered separate housing for married couples to expect them to move out during the summer, but you may want to contact the housing department directly if you can’t find the information on the website. I believe the same applies for housing for grad students and for families. I think you can even stay in the transfer housing over the summer at UCSD, but I’m not entirely sure about that.</p>