Living situations

<p>Is Tropicana Gardens better than the freshman dormitories?
How many people live in one room at Santa Catalina?
Which dorm halls are best for freshman? to socialize and such..
Are the community bathrooms as bad as people say they are?
How big is a room(with one/two roommates)? enough space? tight?

<p>i dont think that TG are better than any of the dorms. at TG, you're staying in a room that's suite styled (one living room branching off into 3-4 rooms with 2/3 people in each and a couple restrooms). however, sbcc students stay at TG as well as ucsb students who choose to live there. in terms of food, the ucsb dorms wont accept any of the private dorms meal plans, so you'll be traveling back to TG to get food.</p>

<p>2 students share a room that's connected to a restroom thats then connected to another room of 2 students</p>

<p>any dorm hall is best; it's what you make of it. you can be placed in the "most social" hall and still be friendless if you sit in your room all day</p>

<p>the community bathrooms arent bad at all. i have yet to run into a problem with the number of toilets/showers. some people shower in the morning while others are showering at night; they'll always be enough and worst comes to worst (and you really have to use the restroom) go to a different floor and use theirs it's not like they wont allow you to.</p>

<p>the space in the room is generally how you arrange the furniture. but you should always move the furniture from how it's originally placed because that's the worst configuration that would give you the least floor space.</p>

<p>Ok, thank you! I wasnt sure if TG is worth its money. I mean $16,000 for a singe bedroom is worth more than a whole tuition at UCSB. Does anyone know which dorms hold most of the freshman? I know that Santa Catalina holds 1/3 of the freshman class, but i want to know which other halls hold a lot of freshman as well! Also, which cafeteria has the best meals? and is the food good or gross?</p>

<p>Hello I was reading your comment and I was wondering what TG stands for. I was trying to google it so I could get some more info but I could not find anything. If you could please message me back that would be amazing! Thanks so much.</p>

<p>TG is a bad idea for freshman. There are going to be mostly upper clansmen in TG, so you won't be getting to know people who will be in most of your classes. I live on campus this year and I love it! The halls are San Cat, San Mig, San Nic, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Anacapa, and Manzanita. There's also San Raf, but. Hats for transfer and continuing students. FT (San Cat) has 2-3 people to a room and 4-6 people to a suite. A suite only means you share a bathroom. Personally, I would recommend the shorties (anacapa, Santa rosa, Santa Cruz) because they are much closer to classes and Portola (the dining commons for FT) sucks. Hard. The shorties are nice because you have around120 people on your floor as opposed to 30. That makes it a lot easier to get to know people. FT does have bigger rooms than the other dorms and their own bathroom, but here are the problems a lot of my friends staying there are having. First, it's a mile off campus, which doesn't sound bad, until you realize that's a ten minute trek just to the very edge of campus. Second, even though it is nice to have your own bathroom, if someone's in there, or your suite mates forget to unlock both doors, you're screwed for a bathroom because there is no public bathroom.
I live in anacapa so obviously I'm a bit biased, but I was not impressed by San cat. Communal bathrooms are really not bad at all. Yes, there is hair is the shower drain ir you're a girl, but unlike in ft, our showers get cleaned every day, not every two weeks. There is never a fight for a shower be ause everyone is on a different schedule. The only problem for us is that our cleaning staff cleans the bathroom from nine to ten which is inconvenient for a lot of people. But mostly we just suck it up and go to a bathroom downstairs.
Unless you bring an insane amount of stuff, the room will be a good enough size. They dorm rooms so yeah, they're cramped. San Nic has especially small rooms, and with so many people going, there are a lot more triples than before, but most people love their triples. In my case, we have a corner room, so it's slightly larger, but people with more stuff and less space do just fine.
Here's a breakdown:
Santa Catalina - bigger rooms, private bathrooms, really far from campus, terrible food
San Miguel - small, single gender halls, tall building, possible lagoon views, close to Ortega and near DLG.
San Nicolas - tall building, very small rooms, possible ocean views if on high floor, short halls, close to Ortega and DLG
Santa Rosa - two stories, close to Ortega and DLG, own gym, big floors, very confusing layout.
Santa Cruz - two stories, some ocean views lose to beach and DLG, near Ortega, big floors
Anacapa - two stories, some amazing ocean views, close to beach and campus, close to DLG, near Ortega.
Don't worry so much about bathrooms and room size, but about how important it is to meet people and be close to campus.</p>

<p>Don't go TG, for reasons stated above.</p>

<p>Really, your choice is b/w Santa Catalina, AKA FT, or an on-campus res hall. There are pro's and cons to FT.
- Long bike-ride to campus is refreshing and wards the freshmen 15.
- Have your own bathroom for your suite (FT is the only dorm w/ suites)
- Living in a suite means that you will, with average luck, make 2 extra close friends. </p>

- Some ppl dislike the bike ride.
- The dining commons in FT sucks compared to the on-campus ones. </p>

<p>I live in FT and I love it. However, the other ones are fun too. As long as you are in a dorm at UCSB you will have a blast.</p>

<p>I lived in FT last year. </p>

<p>Yes, the distance does suck. (I b_tched about the distance until the very end, even though the commute took me four minutes; three if going downhill from campus to FT.)</p>

<p>However, FT had its share of +'s.</p>

<p>I loved the dorm. Rooms were big, the bathroom situation was convenient, FT itself was a mini-community within UCSB. </p>

<p>Portola wasn't THAT bad. . .but it definitely had some rotten days. However, its breakfast is the best of all the dining commons. </p>

<p>(Strangely enough, I consider DLG to be the worst of all dining commons now.) </p>




<p>The FT bathrooms were cleaned every week, not every two weeks. </p>


<p>I highly suggest staying away from the Tropicana Garden living place (or whatever the hell it's called.)</p>