Does anyone know when we will hear back from our preferred LLP? Also how competitive is it?

I was wondering the same thing.

My son was notified either yesterday or the day before that he’s in the engineering LLP. I was surprised by haw quickly he was informed. He still awaits a decision about his entry to the Honors College. If he gets in he’ll have that decision to make.

My son applied for the International Village as number one and then STEMCATS as number 2. He is very interested in other cultures and is coming from a high school with a large number of ELL students and even more diversity and he is going into Mathematics hence the STEMCATS. We have not seen anything yet.

Still waiting on this information for my son.

My son has been accepted into the International Village! It was his first choice- one happy son.

How long ago did you apply? My son just applied today.

My son applied in the beginning of November.