Lmk what my chances are

Hey! I’m from SoCal and I’m applying to Occidental College ED 1. I am applying as an art major but I’m not fully sure. I also am an athlete with a good relationship with the coach there. In addition, I personally know some of their staff and faculty (including ones on the admissions team). Here’s my info

GPA: 3.3 W

  • Grades dropped junior year due to personal matters
    Junior year AP’s: English, US History
    Senior year AP’s: Art, Art History, English
    ACT: 28
    Extra Curriculars: sports, art, internships (paid), baby sitting
    Awards/Honors: National Arts Honors Society and Technology/Engineering Scholars

Let me know my chances!

I’m also applying EA (just in case) to Chapman, Whitman, Lewis & Clark, University of Redlands, University of Puget Sound

If you could also mention my chances at those additional schools that would be awesome!