LMU Fall 2021 Transfers

I haven’t seen a thread for LMU transfers this year so I figured I’d start one!

I’ll start I guess! I’ll be transferring after 2 semesters with a 3.82 gpa (i have 63 credits bc I was in an Early College high school)(I had a 3.0 ish (86) in high school so yay up word trend!) I also applied as a marketing major. Sadly I didn’t know of LMU until after the priority deadline which I know probably decreases my chances a lot. haven’t heard back yet but I’m super excited too!

Hey! :^)
I just got accepted yesterday.
Major: English
GPA: 3.922 (but 4.0 for major courses)

Sending you so much good luck!!

when did you apply?

i applied on 2/1

What year are you? And what school are you coming from?
Sorry for all the questions.:joy:

hahah you’re all good!! i’m in my 2nd yr of community college from the bay area :blush:

okay cool!! thank you for answering hahah

I applied for transfer and was accepted to the film production program in early feb!

Congratulations! when did you apply?

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I applied for Fall 21’ and I started my app in oct/nov and finished everything in January.