LMU Fall 2021 Transfers

I haven’t seen a thread for LMU transfers this year so I figured I’d start one!

I’ll start I guess! I’ll be transferring after 2 semesters with a 3.82 gpa (i have 63 credits bc I was in an Early College high school)(I had a 3.0 ish (86) in high school so yay up word trend!) I also applied as a marketing major. Sadly I didn’t know of LMU until after the priority deadline which I know probably decreases my chances a lot. haven’t heard back yet but I’m super excited too!

Hey! :^)
I just got accepted yesterday.
Major: English
GPA: 3.922 (but 4.0 for major courses)

Sending you so much good luck!!

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when did you apply?

i applied on 2/1

What year are you? And what school are you coming from?
Sorry for all the questions.:joy:

hahah you’re all good!! i’m in my 2nd yr of community college from the bay area :blush:

okay cool!! thank you for answering hahah

I applied for transfer and was accepted to the film production program in early feb!

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Congratulations! when did you apply?

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I applied for Fall 21’ and I started my app in oct/nov and finished everything in January.

Thanks for starting the thread. I just finished applying today 3/7 because they actually called me and left a voicemail saying they saw I had started to apply but never sent in my application and that they were still considering applicants on a rolling basis.

Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.82

good luck!

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when will we be notified of our decisions?

I think someone in the thread said they already got accepted so it looks like its going to be more of rolling decision process depending on when you applied!

Hey everyone! I was accepted as a Studio Arts major in mid Feb. I’m coming from a CC and GPA was a 4.0. Has anyone that has been accepted received financial aid or scholarship info yet?

My daughter just got accepted to the business school

Does anyone know if merit scholarships are offered at time of admission or do they come rolling out a bit after?

Does anyone know how quickly they tend to get back once all of your necessary items are checked off? Some schools are so SLO (cough cough Cal Poly SLO)

Accepted: 04/07 at 9:44PM

Applied by 02/01 deadline
Received a Midterm Report Request on March 29th
Submitted all grades on 04/06

GPA: 4.0
Major: Accounting
Transferring w/60+ credits
Extracurriculars: 2 clubs on campus + student government role
I think my admissions essay helped me get to LMU because I do have W’s on my transcript and I had bad grades from my time at UCR (but, of course, I improved on it at my CC). I made sure to show my passion for learning + my upward trend + explain my motivations and goals + specified why I wanted to go to LMU vs other schools.

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