LMU Fall 2021 Transfers

sadly yes, I think it would be a sign of rejection.

Did you get a reply after you sent an email?

Has anyone heard back at this point?

This is just not fair. Not sure how every film program in the country has come with their decisions on transfers except LMU. Which is one of my top choices.

Yeah, this is too harsh. Fyi my major is math which I don’t think too competitive as much as a film major, and I still haven’t heard of anything. Wonder whether or not the admission office is even working on their jobs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I have emailed them twice so far, and they gave me the same vague answers that they are still considering my application. Hope they will send out all the decisions soon.

Honestly it’s unacceptable. Just put us out of our misery if it’s a “no”

I wish you guys the best of luck. I know some students are saying they haven’t released decisions yet for other film programs in LA. Its tragic but im sure if you want it enough, you’ll hold strong!

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Anyone hear back with a rejection yet?

No yet. I’m already panning in going to a different university

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Where have you decided to go?

For me it’s Chapman Dodge Film School

Finally, my decision came out this morning and I got deferred.

sorry to hear that, outrageous how it took them so long. Wishing you the best in wherever you may be going.