LMU Presidential Scholarship

My son is interested in LMU, and I am interested in their Presidential Scholarship. LMU’s website doesn’t list specific qualifications. Other websites say they the PS at LMU requires a 3.6 GPA and a 1300 SAT. LMU says the SAT is not required for admissions. Does anyone know if the SAT is required for the PS at LMU?

Also, for other private schools, will a 1300 SAT help for merit based financial aid? My son has a very high GPA with tons of APs, leadership, etc, but his SAT is just below 1300, so wondering if he should take again. Thanks for any advice.

My opinion…an SAT score higher than what he has will open up more merit aid doors.

Has he tried the ACT? Some kids just do better in that test.

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I would look at school statistics or the common data set for each school. Just google the school and common data set.

For LMU, only 32% of enrolled students even submitted a test - so that shows you most didn’t which likely means they didn’t deem their scores worthy. The 25th percentile was 1260 and 75th percentile was 1410 - so it’s arguable as to whether you would even submit for admission. Some says if you’re below the midpoint - then don’t use it. Others say at the 25th percentile or below…it’s really a personal call.

This doesn’t answer your question but if it’s the highest level scholarship, I would assume those who get it would have a stronger score because LMU will have Ivy level or close to students - and a 1300 doesn’t get you close. Just an opinion - none of us know - but 1300, while very good, is not an elite score that the best scholarships might require.

Some schools - and they’re likely not in your interest set - but an Arizona or Miami of Ohio- look solely at GPA and have auto merit - Arizona a fixed amount and Miami a variable amount.

If you want to see how a GPA might impact a scholarship, there are auto merit schools such as Alabama - the top scholarship requires a 3.5 + 1420 and is worth $28,000. With a 1300, it’s $10,000.

At Alabama Huntsville, a 1300 would earn $13,275 whereas a $19,900 exists for a higher SAT with an UW GPA of 3.5 to 3.99.

Looking at mid size privates - these aren’t automatic

I did Bradley U - assumed you were from CA, had a 3.8 UW and I used a 1300 SAT and got $18K. Then I went to 1500 and got $20K.

Hofstra shows presidential at 1310+ getting $29K to $30.5K while at 1120+ getting $25.5K to $27.5K.

These are both mid size - so I imagine that yes, a higher score would be much more helpful (in general) - but for LMU specifically, if that’s the target, at least last year, less then a third even submitted a score.

Interesting, their (LMU’s website says “all” students will be considered) - I’d assume then that TO people can win - but have your child email their admissions counselor and ask to verify that if they go TO, they’d get full consideration for the Presidential - or have them ask what combo of GPA and test score is typically needed. They’ll likely get a vague response - but it’s worth asking.

Good luck.

PS - don’t forget, when they award these scholarships, they look at the entirety of the student.

What a scholarship really is - a discount - if you’re someone they really need on campus, they’re going to try to attract you to campus - via compensation - so the more competitive your son is as a person vs others, the better odds you have - but you won’t know until it happens.

Good luck.

Excellent info, thanks.