LMU scholarship chances RD?

Hi! I’m a senior who applied to LMU RD with an ACT of 33, a new SAT of 1460 (math 750 english 710), pretty good essays, what I hope were glowing recommendations, and school involvement including president of 2 clubs, vice president of two clubs, co founder of one club, treasurer of one club and publicist of one club as well as stage manager for all my school’s drama club productions over the past 3 years. I have also received district awards in English and placed at regional science olympiad twice (one gold medal, one bronze). My weighted GPA is a 4.456 and I take all the highest level classes my school offers (AP and gifted) and I also started working at a hospital as a food porter for the kitchen in August.

I was having a bit of trouble figuring out the whole deal for LMU scholarships off their website; I know some schools require you to attend an on campus interview and LMU said all applicants who applied had automatic scholarship consideration so I applied RD, but now I’m starting to wonder if that was a mistake. It doesn’t look like LMU offers too many full rides, I think only 10 a year, and they didn’t give much specific information on how often the Arrupe scholarship covers a significant portion of tuition, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll have any decent shot at a good scholarship. Is your chosen major taken into account when being considered for merit aid? I don’t really know too much but I’m thankful for any information y’all are able to provide!