Lmu transfer fall 2020

My son applied for transfer early action.
Major: English
Has anyone heard if applying early increase your chance of getting accepted?
Also, how long does it take to hear back from LMU for early action decision. Please share if anyone has any info. Thanks…

I also applied for transfer early action. I thought I read somewhere that you find out sometime mid-December. I’ll keep you updated if I hear back but I’m not sure if that’s when I will get a response. For some reason, I applied on the first of November but it says my app was submitted on the 2nd… Keep me posted and good luck to him!

I spoke to the Transfer Counselor at LMU and she said end of December or early January for EA Transfer. Hoping for this month. If I hear any news I will post it. Good luck to you.

I just got an email back from them today… I was deferred as of now. They said I was a competitive applicant but they want to see my fall grades. So I just have to email that to them once my grades are finalized and then I’ll get an official decision. You hear anything yet?

Stay positive. I believe it depends on which major you are applying to. My child was accepted yesterday for English.

I am! LMU is not my top choice tbh but I still would like the option if I got in. I’m a business administration major so that may be why. I think they just want to see my business calculus grade as I took it this semester. However, I got an A so fingers crossed! If you don’t mind sharing, what were your son’s stats?

I was just accepted today for Business Administration as a transfer for Fall 2020.

Does anyone know when the financial aid award will come out? I checked on my portal but it hasn’t changed since they’ve received my fafsa.

Congrats on your acceptance! I was also accepted into the school of business admin as a transfer for fall 2020. The application portal says that FAFSA awards will be given out in early February for early action applicants.

Hi! What was your GPA?

@TransferGuy08 thanks and congrats to you as well, appreciate the info!

My transfer GPA is a 3.65

Mine was 3.71

Accepted into Communications!
GPA: 3.89

Received financial aid package today from LMU.

Pretty weak, tbh. Chapman U is offering double what LMU is.

Did anyone receive a scholarship from LMU?

I was admitted early action back in January - not to my first-choice major, though. My GPA is currently 3.51, and I’ve got a two-week volunteering experience and my part-time job on my resume.

I got my aid award a couple days ago - there is absolutely no way I can afford it so I will most likely not be attending.

Hello fellow transfer hopefuls! I hope someone can help me out here I kind of applied to a bunch of schools because after taking a break from schools i realized i had enough units to transfer and kind of wung it (so to speak)! I got an email saying I needed to provide a mid term report about my current grades. I’m taking a lot of pertinent courses to my major just to show I’m a non traditional student returning to academics, but I’m unsure how to go about it providing the mid term report to my instructors. Am I supposed to provide one to each instructor, can I take one form to each one of them and mail it in myself, does a counselor have to do this for me? The instructions are brief, and in short state that I will never see this unless I waive my right to see it, which makes me assume I’m supposed to hand it off and hope it gets to the right person at LMU after I provide it to the professor with a stamped envelope. I’ve emailed the school and while I wait to hear back I thought I would ask you lovely people. Help! :slight_smile:

@mrblondeisdead Hello! LMU requested two mid-term reports from me before I was accepted (One for fall semester and one for spring) and what I did is print out the mid-term report form and took it to each of my professors to sign. Once it was complete I took a clear picture in good lighting and emailed it to transfer@lmu.edu with my name and date of birth so they could match it with my application. Don’t worry about the waiving your right to see it, LMU didn’t have an issue with me seeing it. I hope this helps.

@Kodi80 Thank you! Definitely helps!

Hi everyone!
I am currently a sophomore in community college applying to transfer for my junior year as a Journalism major.

College GPA: 3.7
Work: Part-time job
Extracurriculars: None
GE’s: Completed
Currently taking an intro to journalism class and also a couple English classes to fulfill my future English minor/ Journalism major.

I have no idea what kind of chance I have, so any thoughts would be appreciated!

@jaden29 Hey! based on these stats I think you have a pretty solid chance. But, it also depends on how strong your essays are. Supposedly the average transfer gpa for LMU is 3.4-3.5 so you’re in a really good place with that. It also seems like you have been involved with activities related to your major and show interest in it. So overall I think you have a solid chance, I’m rooting for you! Good luck!