lmu vs. sdsu- cant decide

<p>Just wanted to chime in. I am thinking of going to SDSU instead of LMU. I was accepted to both. The cost of SDSU is so much more attractive to me. Am i making a bad decision by going to SDSU instead of LMU? My families EFC is 96000 so I dont think I will be getting any aid or much at least from LMU. But my family and I would still need major loans going to LMU. SDSU seems very nice but I hear some complaints about 4 year graduation rate and not getting classes needed. I feel like going to SDSU over LMU would seem stuphid... Tough decision </p>

<p>any advice</p>

<p>p.s. I plan to major in Business</p>

<p>Both are good schools. I'd give a slight edge to LMU in terms of education, but I don't think the difference is worth paying $20k more a year.</p>

<p>I'd go with SDSU.</p>

<p>My cousin who went to LMU was able to get great internships in the entertainment industry (partly LMU connections, partly location in LA)...is there a factor like that for you where one geographic area is better than the other?</p>

<p>I've heard from a few employees in the CSU system that SDSU is overally impacted, and that they are taking steps in a few years (or possibly next year) to stop accepting first-time freshmen due to the problem. Try to figure out what courses you have to take, realize you won't get at least 1/4 of them when you need them (which is a real problem if the course is only offered every-other year or once every three or four years), and then how long it will take you to finish at SDSU. Multiply that by the costs and see if it is comparable to four years at LMU. If you're within $5K, I'd go to LMU. Otherwise, get a lot of patience and pray you get the classes you need when you need them and that you don't have to retake any classes you fail the first time around.</p>

<p>I agree with avcastner. If it takes you 5 years to graduate from SDSU
and 4 from LMU then SDSU isn't such a bargain. You might also take into account the fact that SDSU is a much bigger party school and decide if that is what you are comfortable with. Not that there is anything wrong with going to a party school, I just wouldn't choose it if that is not your thing.</p>

<p>There are many perks to a private school -- good relationships with your professors, advisors who actually know you, etc. Only you can decide if it's worth the extra cost, however.</p>

<p>I was aware of the class impaction issue. I am hoping by already taking some general ed classes during HS and taking some in the summer will help. I dont mind partying, it will just be academics first for me and then partying. I have heard many good things about SDSU's business school so it keeps like a bargain compared to LMU. It is such a tough decision. I think I want to go to SDSU but I keep second guessing my self. I really dont want to be totally in debt after graduating from LMU.</p>

<p>I am in the same spot you are. 2 expensive private schools (Chapman, LMU) or a state school (Sonoma). I live in San Diego and I don't like SDSU due to it's overcrowding and difficulty getting classes. We don't have the $$ either so I'd have to take out about $50K to go to Chapman or LMU (total). I'll be interested to see what you do. Good luck.</p>

<p>Yeah, i'm graduating SDSU in 4 years...seems like most people I know do. Impacted Business major as well....it's easy to get classes..every professor has like 20 extra add codes..just go to their office hours after the first class had ended. The more motivated students know the tricks. I was able to get every class I needed, even when I was unable to "sign" up for it.</p>

<p>Those old grad stats...you're looking at are probably from the class of 2003..most of those students are from the SDSU of 1998...things have been different in the past years in terms of the quality of students.</p>