<p>I have received an LOA for the class of 2010, and I have completed both my medical and optometrical exams. According to the DODMERB website, my exams were received a few days ago (July 26), but there is no indication whether I have passed or failed. I don't see a reason as to why I would fail. Does it take awhile before there is any confirmation? Also, since I have completed the physical, besides the CFA and the nomination, what is my next step in the admissions process?</p>

<p>Next step is to do the application.. </p>

<p>it's all there in your LOA it tells you to do everything by Oct. 15th.</p>

<p>Yeah, I read that. What I should've written is when will I receive everything? I haven't received anything since the papers for the physical arrived.</p>

<p>Son also received an LOA and his paperwork for the physical. He completed it and the site he registered at for his physical said his case was closed. But instead went to the DODMERB website and logged in there. On that website it indicated the paperwork had been processed and it showed he was qualified for WP and pilot qualified for AFA. The letters from the DODMERB came in the mail a few days ago saying the same thing about his status. The WP people who called said son would be receiving his additional application stuff in July. The only other school that has called our house more than WP is Harvard, the 5th phone call this afternoon!!</p>


<p>Our '05 identical twin sons both had early Letters of Assurance, were recruited athletes, and one had a long DoDMERB ordeal before finally obtaining a waiver for a "disqualifying" condition. They majored in History with a Systems Engineering track and Human Geography with an Environmental Engineering track, played corps squad lacrosse for four years, and branched Armor and Infantry for which they are currently attending their respective OBCs at Ft. Knox and Ft. Benning. My wife and I were at best ambivalent when our sons first sprung the idea of a service academy on us ... and that was well before 9/11. If any of that triggers specific questions, don't hesitate to private message me. Between our two sons and their classmates and teammates who we know well, we have probably encountered most of the issues you may face.</p>


<p>Hope this helps. It's the timeline of activities for our son last year. He had received an LOA in early August.</p>

Took exam on 7/7
Forms received by Concorde: 7/12 & 7/15
Forms submitted to DODMERB by Concorde: 7/15
Results shown on DODMERB website: 7/21
Letter with results received from DODMERB: 7/26</p>

<p>USMA Application Package: Received 8/9</p>

<p>USMA APPointment: Assuming all other paperwork is completed, appointment notification date will depend on when your nomination is sent to USMA.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot. That's something along the lines of what I was looking for. I guess I should just be more patient. The DODMERB website still says "Pending" under "Current Status." Hopefully they will figure out if I passed soon.</p>

<p>I figured out why it was taking so long for my physical to pass. The medical center that I got the physical at forgot to measure my sitting height so I've been waiting like a week and a half because of it and now I need to get that done. Make sure they fill out everything where ever you go for your physical.</p>

<p>if i am applying to the class of 2010, when do i have to take the dodmerb? i just got my dodmerb letter in the mail about scheduling one, for the CGA and USMMA i think. </p>

<p>is it possible to take the dodmerb after getting an appointment to an academy, or do i have to go consent to getting a finger in the bum without any guarantee of academy gratification?</p>

<p>You can't get an appointment unless you are physically qualified. DoDMERB often disqualifies for what seem (to us) to be minor problems. Get your physical ASAP so that if you need to supply further information to them, there will be plenty of time to process it.