loan consolidation question

<p>D got her bachelor's degree in 2009 and is now in grad school until 2011. For now,her loans are not accruing interest. The one Stafford that was accruing interest is paid off. The good news is that she is not increasing her debt in grad school.
My question is, for the remaining Stafford and Perkins loans, is there a way to consolidate at a rate below 6.8%, or do we just wait it out until the loans become due? Thanks.</p>

<p>Well,posting this question led me to other links and studentlendingworks. They say that one cannot consolidate until 6 months before graduation. It also looks like one takes a weighted average of all the loans and adds 1/8 % to get the consolidated rate.
I may be jumping the gun,but it does not hurt to ask early..</p>