Local club party

<p>Hey! So just got invited to a party in a week by a local Harvard club and I am unsure what to expect! What are these parties like? I admit I'm worried because I'm not the most social of people. It's not that I'm antisocial, I just never know what to say. OK I'm clearly overreacting .... someone freak out with me</p>

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<p>It depends really on what your local Harvard club is like, in terms of size, history, ages of members, etc. My own club never has any significant showing from current students / recent grads so it's always a bit funny for me, but I've met some nice people.</p>

<p>There are 0 negative consequences to going and not making an impression, but there are possibly good consequences of making a good impression. So just go and see what happens, it's really not a big deal.It's a life skill to be learned.</p>

<p>Basically, it's a chance for the alumni to tell you all of the reasons you should go to Harvard. It was a lot of fun! Good food and I got to meet other admitted/current/former students :)</p>

<p>Haha I plan to attend, I'm just nervous about my social skills. But Dwight is right, this is a life skill and what's the point of going to Harvard which has one of the best alumni networks if you're not willing to network? </p>

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<p>Interficio, I have an alumni party, too, next week. From the details of the invite, mine sounds more laid back environment where I can talk with alumni, current students, and my fellow 2016ers. I think all of 2016ers are probably feeling the same way as you are--but I think it will be nice to talk to other kids that have gone through the same applying, waiting, and celebrating journey you have been on for the last few months or so. Hope you enjoy yourself!</p>

<p>Also, do you know anyone who will be there, like your interviewer or kids you may know at school or through EC conferences/regional competitions? Seeing a familiar face will definitely make you more at ease.</p>

<p>Hmmm I definitely may see a familiar face there but can't be sure. To be honest, I'm much better with complete strangers! Yeah my invite also indicated that it will be a casual fun event. Just please, baby jesus, no icebreakers! </p>

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<p>Well, if Baby Jesus, worked for Ricky Bobby, then I am sure he will work for you, too...I mean, he won that big race!</p>

<p>Yeah, icebreakers with adults...awkward. More power to you if you prefer strangers!</p>

<p>if you really are the nervous type that gets quiet and a little awkward in big groups, I would just take two shots and you should be completely fine. I always do this before big class presentations and I don't get nervous or stutter at all while speaking.</p>

<p>^aha, seconded.</p>

<p>^hah thirded!</p>

<p>Like alcohol? Ahahahahaha. I'm 17. And unfortunately my Hispanic parents keep nothing but coronas in the house. :/ (I know you're just joking, I may have exaggerated my shyness. I have a tendency to make things seem catastrophic) </p>

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