LOCI for Transfer Waitlist Applicant?

Scripps is my top choice and unfortunately, I was waitlisted as a transfer applicant so I’m writing a Letter of Continued Interest, but I don’t know how much I’ll end up standing out by only sending one letter to them. Should I send multiple letters (like 2-4) and try calling the Office of Admissions? I’ve been told that calling could help, but even if I do call I have no idea what I say to the person on the phone because I’d imagine they’d be caught off guard by an applicant telling them why they want to attend the school. If anyone has any success stories of how they got off the waitlist for Scripps, it would be great if you could comment what you did to boost your chances! Also, does anyone know when the waitlist results are supposed to come out? Thanks!

I would do everything you can to show that you want to go to Scripps. That includes a LOCI and calling the admissions department.

I believe that transfers have until June 10 to decide. After that, the waitlist will be utilized if need be. But again, call admissions and ask. Or look at the waitlist letter you received for more info.