LOCI for UMich?

I am thinking of sending UMich a LOCI. Do y’all think that’s a good idea? Where should I send it to? Should I just send it to the Office of Admissions?

Too late but if you gotta do it then your admission officer for your high school. Look under admissions on their website and go to your state then your school district. Good luck.

But they like rules at Michigan and here it is.


Thank you!

Do you think they’ll be annoyed if I send them one…

If you think this will increase your chances then go for it. I am not telling you what to do just giving you information to make a decision. There will be thousands most likely on the waitlist but I could be wrong.
A better way to spend your time "might "be selecting your current college choices and get excited about those. There is a chance people won’t hear anything about Michigan waitlist till June. You need to commit May 1st.

Good Luck.

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