Locked Out From Correcting FAFSA?

<p>My FAFSA was selected for verification and my last correction was made on the 12th. It was processed the same day and I can view the correction history. However, there is no option to "Make Corrections to my FAFSA" on the My FAFSA page. Have I been locked out from correcting it?</p>

<p>I plan on calling tomorrow, although I think they're closed for MLK.</p>

<p>Your last correction has probably not completed processing yet. Give it a couple days.</p>

<p>What is it you need to change?</p>

<p>Or perhaps it is the issue I am having. When you made your correction, did you keep the "will file" status or did you have to change it to "already completed"?</p>

<p>Same thing's happening for me.
I was updating information, and I changed from "will file" to "already completed."</p>

<p>I still have to correct it for one more college and send new ones to few more colleges.
What to do?</p>