Lofted Tripple?

<p>I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the lofted tripples at Brandeis and I saw one on my tour recently, and it doesn’t sound like the greatest situation. Does anyone know the liklihood of being placed in a lofted tripple? Does anyone who has experienced one have any suggestions or comments?</p>


<p>I have no experience with lofted triples other than its an oversized room for three people. I'm in a natural triple (two rooms for three people)--we'll see how it goes.</p>

<p>actually, i must correct miss. it is not an over-sized room for three people. it is a standard room with three beds. however, you are charged less if you have a lofted triple. </p>

<p>ell, you can reduce your chance of being in a lofted triple by sending in your matriculation deposit early because you are assigned rooms by the order of the receipt of your deposit.</p>

<p>yes, that does mean that if you get in ED, you have basically no chance of having a lofted triple.</p>

<p>i hope that helped.</p>

<p>Thanks sulsk! That is good to know.</p>

<p>yeah - they do housing based on when you send in your matriculation deposit. i mailed mine in on the last possible day (just barely, actually)... and was in a lofted triple in what was probably the most run-down of the freshman dorms.</p>

<p>Yeah i was in a lofted triple at deis last year. It's annoying because you have very little space and you have a better chance of living with someone you dont get along with. You have the same space as the doubles. Cross your fingers for a double</p>

<p>The chances of being in a forced triple (a room for two with three living in it) are only going to go up. They don't want to tell you that one of the dorms is being torn down later this year and will create a sort of housing crisis for the next couple of years. The dorms at Brandeis are pretty nasty overall.
That said, if you can't spell the word triple, you probably can't get in to Brandeis.</p>

<p>"That said, if you can't spell the word triple, you probably can't get in to Brandeis." ouch!!!!!</p>

<p>how does Brandeis assign rooms and roomates if they are based on when you send in the deposits?</p>

<p>Um, just noting that although a first-year dorm did get switched to sophomore housing for next year (I'll be living there, actually!), they are supposedly accepting fewer applicants as well, because my year (2010) enrolled at a higher than expected percentage, so they need to maintain the same number of enrolled students. </p>

<p>As a side note, although lofted triples do suck, a lot of it depends on how neat your roommates and you are, and how much stuff you bring. I had one this year and it was a complete mess. But I know many other people who have one, and they manage fine.</p>

<p>jmw is correct. They are renovating Deroy (massel, Frosh) and that will go to the midyears, as they did with Renfield.</p>

<p>Schefres next year will be going to Sophomores since their class is far larger.</p>

<p>Admissions accepted fewer people this year to account for the lack of available housing.</p>

<p>just to correct aeisenberg who posted in Sept., your chances of being in a lofted triple this year will not increase because the admissions office has said they are accepting less students to deal with the housing crunch. (Two of the eight first-year dorms are going to be off-line for first-years--one will be renovated for Spring 08 and the other will be sophomore housing.)</p>

<p>The shift of sophomores to scheffres--a first-year dorm--is needed due to the fact that ridgewood quad is getting demolished this summer in order to make way for a new dorm--with a greater number of beds--where it currently stands. </p>

<p>The decrease in housing means that admissions this year will be more selective, which you probably noticed on this board. (And two of my friends that are current juniors were a bit upset that their siblings were both rejected.)</p>

<p>Honestly I don't think I'd mind a lofted triple that much. I'm Asian and space efficient. </p>

<p>Anyway, do we get any say in who our roommates will be?</p>

<p>you fill out a short survey to match you with a roomate. you can also request someone, if you know someone to room with.</p>

<p>My D just filled out her roommate form.</p>

<p>Only 5 questions:</p>

<p>1 ) Do you smoke ?</p>

<p>2 ) Do you study to music or like it quiet ?</p>

<p>3 ) Do you go to bed early or stay up late ?</p>

<p>4 ) Do you want to be on a co-ed or single-sex floor ?</p>

<p>5 ) Do you want to room with a specific individual (both people must reply affirmatively).</p>

<p>Luck of the draw would appear to rule here. Double / Lofted Triple / Forced Triple determined by when you get your deposit back to them. EA people do well, indecisive folks fare less well.</p>