Lofting beds

<p>My roommate and I are going to get our beds lofted. He has already payed for it but I have no idea how or where to do it. I know it was on An email with our roommate assignments but I deleted it. If someone could post a link thAt would be solo great! Thanks</p>

<p>Start here: University</a> of Minnesota Housing & Residential Life - Move in Guide</p>

<p>Click on "Check your room assignment (login required)"</p>

<p>After you login, your housing information will be displayed along the right side of the page. Toward the bottom of your information you will see "Loft information". Just follow the links from there.</p>

<p>I think the deadline to guarantee a loft is Aug 12th. Here is where the link shown above takes you. You have your choice of with or without a shelf.</p>

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