LOL, is "partying" the definition of a good time for most college kids?

<p>LOL, is "partying" the definition of a good time for most college kids? I don't understand how most kids find "partying" enjoyable. Most parties take place in a small 20x20 room in an apartment. Its packed as anything (with random people you don't know) and you can barely move. The music is too loud so you actually can't hear anything and actually socialize with the opposite sex. Not to mention, the guys to girls ratio is about 7:3 and you spend about an hour of your time waiting in the keg lines. How getting hammered like this every weekend is fun is beyond me... (Note I'm talking about open house parties where everyone is invited, not small gatherings of 10-12 where everyone knows each other). Most kids just stand around looking awkward anyways, but look at me "I'm having such a good time". Please... Why don't these kids just stay home if they're gonna just stand in the corner? How insecure are college kids that they feel the need to do what society wants them to do? </p>

<p>I have a better time at school-sanctioned events (non-alcohol events I might add) to be honest. There's so many better things to do than to drink every weekend. How about a social within a club? A BBQ? Watching college football or basketball with a couple of your buddies? Pickup basketball? Carnival or fair? Movies? Dinner with a few friends? Plays or cultural events on campus? Concerts? Tossing a frisbee or football around? I have more fun at my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner parties with my extended family to be honest. </p>

<p>How do people even get up for this kind of stuff 3 days a week every week? Doesn't it get old? I mean is it a social status and attention thing? You know those kids who always have to take pictures of every little thing they do so they can put it on facebook to show how "social" and how much fun they are having. </p>

<p>I mean I've seen many girls wear the smallest skirts in 35 degree weather when its raining out. Its not that they have cars either; they take the bus out to the apartments and party hop. You would think if its that cold and messy out, you'd just pack it in for the night and go out next week... Once again, I ask is this a validation thing? Are girls that insecure that they need this type of validation and acceptance from their peers?</p>

<p>Some people really like atmospheres like that and think they are fun. I know I did my freshman year. It wasn't due to any needs for validation or need to hook up with people (I am not really into the opposite sex, so traditional college parties don't do anything for me in that department...not too many lesbians at the parties I would go to) or anything like that, though I'm sure some people go out for that reason. It was just about having fun...I used to find drinking ridiculously fun and I would want to go to sketchy places and meet random people for no reason and have crazy nights out with my friends. I genuinely enjoyed it. It's not for everyone, clearly, but no activity is everyone's favorite. Different tastes, preferences, all that.</p>

<p>For me it did get old, but I think that was due to a variety of factors (finding a scene I enjoyed more, having my own apartment, having a close group of friends). These days I prefer to spend time with a smaller group of friends that I already know. We still drink, but it's a smaller, better environment, in my opinion. I don't have much of a need to meet random people since I already have friends...I'm down to meet new people but I think it's much more likely I'd meet them through a friend of a friend. I also smoke a lot more than I drink these days, I have less of an interest in getting really drunk since it makes me feel so bad the next day. The major parties I go to these days are raves and such, but I don't go every weekend. And it only took me a year to grow out of the freshman mentality...some people do take longer than others but I think it happens to most of us eventually.</p>

<p>No idea, I like a good party now and then to blow off steam but I seriously have no idea how someone can do it multiple times a week and not die of exhaustion. Guess it's the introvert in me... I've been to some fun parties but my favorite memories/experiences have always involved just me and a couple of good friends.</p>

<p>I think, the OP had it. </p>

<p>IMO, its not about validation/insecure people as much as it is about young people these days literally do not know what fun is. Im serious. Some do, like most users on this forum. But alot, i should say, MAJORITY of college students just think booze and music is the beez neez. </p>

<p>Also, to defend what i said, the poster already said it. You know, board games, coffee, reading, debating is fun. Mindless sex with loud techno with awkward peers is again, confusing what the meaning of "fun" is.</p>

<p>It sounds like not many of you have been to good parties in college. Random house parties that are packed are admittedly no fun, but why go to those? If you're in greek life you probably have regular mixers which are a blast. They're limited to just the fraternity and sorority that are having it so its not too packed, and you're with a huge group of your friends hosting a party in a big space where a huge group of girls want to come and talk to you. It's pretty good.</p>

<p>@ Ez</p>

<p>I want to go to there. Which solar system has female beings who talk without spraying burning hot liquid into eyes? Sounds marvelous</p>

<p>Frat mixers and small parties are great because you know all your brothers there and the girls are looking to have fun. I don't have to leave my house to have fun.</p>

<p>Themed mixers are the best such as Catalina Wine mixer, fifth and a friend, shots around the world, the toga party during greek week is always the best, slumber party, paint party, shackles, and etc.. The possibilities are endless.</p>

<p>I'm not a huge partier. I'll admit that I enjoy a good frat party once in a while, but I don't get trashed. I want to remember my night and not feel like crap the next day. So for me it's finding a happy place with a buzz. And I really like to dance so I look more forward to that than drinking.</p>

<p>Why do you care? Seriously, all these posts (not just the OP's, but the various threads about this subject) are irritating. WHY does anyone else's life matter to you? </p>

<p>College kids like to party to blow off steam- some do it by partying, others do it by gaming, others do it by collecting fairy dust (the point is, it's different for every one). For a lot of people, being drunk is fun. And it's one of the few times in life where you are going to be around thousands of people your own age who want to do the same types of activities. Why not enjoy it while its there? </p>

<p>As for girls in mini skirts- yes, some are looking for attention. However, a lot just think it's fun to flirt and be flirted with. It's nice to know that people think you look sexy. I <em>love</em> flirting with people (although I quit the club outfits long ago) because it's fun. I am a very self confident person and there are absolutely no pictures of me on facebook doing anything questionable so I'm definitely not looking for attention. Flirting is for me, and many other people, a quite fun and enjoyable activity. </p>

<p>You found something fun- school-sanctioned events. Yippie, go enjoy those. Let those who want to get trashed, get trashed. </p>


<p>FWIW- I don't drink and I don't like parties. I'll never understand that mentality but if it's fun for them then live and let live.</p>

<p>It's a result of kids growing up without being interested in anything. Most people find one or multiple passions. If you can't, then livin' the Jersey Shore lifestyle becomes your passion--a fate worse than death imho.</p>

<p>Yeah, don't be mad people like to get drunk and party if it isn't directly negatively affecting you.</p>

<p>If anything those partying will hurt themselves some how (not just physically) and reduce your competition for something</p>

<p>Its because most people are spineless and rely on alcohol for confidence to make a move on girls. Real pickup artists make the decision: Do they want to get drunk, or do they want to get girls? Real men don't need liquid courage.</p>

<p>Definitely agree with you. The best time I've had at college is just talking to new people in clubs or having dinner with a buddy.</p>

<p>CCsniper- just to let you know it is creepy that probably over half of your posts are about being a pick up artist. If you have to watch youtube videos to get girls, there's something wrong. So far being myself has worked more than well enough.</p>

<p>I'll admit I'm not taking the popular side of this thread and love partying/going to them... However, maybe you haven't quite found a good party scene? Haha. The packed house parties you are describing sound awful to begin with. I think it makes a difference how big your school is and what the atmosphere is like. My school is under 6000 students, and half of those students are conservative and don't party, so I constantly am socializing with the same people over and over, so it makes it like a big family instead of some creepy packed house. You will get that same situation like people said with greek life, it's more of a closed off environment. I think it's fun to go out, meet new people, catch up with old friends, flirt a bit, have a good time, and then crash in the wee hours of the morning, and I get all of my work done ahead of time to do so. This is the one time in my life where I don't have other priorities besides clubs, internships, and school - and while I"m busy now, I know I won't have the chance to let loose this much again. Don't get me wrong, I don't go on some sort of sex-drugs-crazy-alochol induced rampage, but I do like to have a good time. Work hard, play hard.</p>

I think it's fun to go out, meet new people, catch up with old friends, flirt a bit, have a good time, and then crash in the wee hours of the morning


<p>Right, but not everyone feels the same way. </p>

<p>Anyway, it obviously depends on the school, but that is probably the most common form of social interaction, especially because it requires relatively little effort (you can just show up after getting ready or whatever). There are many people who do not party, but I think it's reasonable to say that most do. What I find most unfortunate is when partying replaces former hobbies/interests -- I know people that I enjoyed doing things with and now having nothing in common with.</p>

<p>^ I realize that, I was just stating my opinion on the matter. I do agree with your last sentence, some people really take it over board and it becomes a life style.</p>

<p>OP I kind of agree with you but you sound like you're a completely insecure jackass. Everybody does stupid/pointless **** for fun, why the hell is it any of your business?</p>

<p>The social aspect of college is one of the most fun and valuable experiences in life, people want to go out and meet people, get drunk and have sex with strangers, it's life.</p>

<p>I bought a book at massiveray [dot] come and never looked back lol</p>

<p>Some parties are nice and relaxed, but some can be outrageous and off-putting. From my experience, the frat parties are the absolute worst at my school: rooms are incredibly packed, too dark to see, sweaty people grinding all over you, and all that stuff. I guess it just depends on the person hosting the party and the people who go there. Parties can be fun and you meet a ton of people, but it can just be boring if you're not feeling it for a certain party. I'm not a big party-goer, either. I go maybe once or twice a month. That's pretty much enough for me.</p>

<p>I'll give you two answers, the PC answers most people give and the answer the fraternity brother in me must give.</p>

<p>PC answer:
College is about new experiences, learning from various environments and being open minded. Your OP is not reflective of the spirit of education.</p>

<p>Bro Answer:
Stop going to GDI parties. They suck 95% of the time. Find something else to do with your time.</p>