LOL - who has the highest new threads/total posts ratio?

<p>Anyways, one-time posters don't count. :p How about, among posters with a post count of at least 100?</p>

<p>I think I have an abnormally high ratio. :p </p>

<p>This account: 145/550
My old account: 101/1045</p>

<p>182 posts/15 days (12.38 posts per day) </p>


<p>How do you start so many threads? Why? are you one of those jerks who just starts threads for fun, and then never responds to them? :(</p>

<p>opps I read it wrong..oh well</p>

<p>I have 132 threads and 1,775 post but I forgot how to divide.</p>

Mine's pathetically low considering how long I've been here.</p>

<p>My ratio is .02794. :p</p>

<p>bobby wobby mommy</p>

<p>mine is like .0365</p>


<p>I must have one of the lowest :) around 0.01163.</p>

<p>Mine's lower: 0.00470957614</p>

<p>It says 8 for 2812, but a search will quickly find that it is only 3 for 2812; thus a ratio of .0028449 for its figure and .0010668 for the true figure.</p>

<p>california_love8 has the highest from what I've seen:</p>

<p>396/593 = 0.6677</p>


<p>But it would be waaaaaay lower if my posts in the "Prime Numbers Win" and "What Does Bump Mean?" threads counted. I'm thinking that if I took it out only five decimal places it would be something closer to 0.00000.</p>

<p>.0864 .</p>

<p>Threads: 129
Posts: 1,803 </p>

<p>7.15% </p>

<p>More threads that I expected.</p>

<p>65/896 = 0.0725446</p>

<p>mine is about .0238 (10/420)...pretty low, i guess.</p>

<p>now mine is 67/3729 (it should be out of like 10,000 if we included cafe posts) for .0179</p>