<p>Case</a> Closed: Stern, Gibson Agree to Sign Settlement - The Daily Californian</p>

<p>oh oh oh. asuc is such a joke.</p>

<p>It reads like it's something that actually matters.</p>

<p>i wrote a's under "guest"</p>

<p>ASUC - serious business.</p>

<p>i just wanted to see someone get DQed.</p>

<p>Best comment:</p>

<p>This is great, letting the person who violated the ASUC bylaws to come up with the ASUC bylaw. JUSTICE</p>

<p>Yeah, they do have these silly occurrences being the ASUC...yet then at the same time they have to deal with interesting issues like the recent Divestment Bill. It would be cool to have people who are leaders and actually know the climate of the student body to be running the ASUC, rather than leaders of popularity contests.</p>

<p>They do play with a lot of dough after all...</p>