<p>I tried to remain calm and collected but DHamz just couldnt take it anymore--Okay let me get this strait...people are crying over 790s? 780s?770s? LOLOOLOOOL we got some insecure children on these boards--Legit- If you think that 10 or 20 pnts is going to get you into an ivy-league school just stop it--Schools aren't looking for testwell nothings (Harvard has been dishing out rejections to all you 2400 testwell bookworms) --See Dhamz is a rapper, an artist, and a magician so i'll take my 770s to the bank--as for all ya'll QQin i suggest that if you want to come with me to a top 10 school you should stop studying for your SATIIs and go and do something interesting with your life---</p>

<p>O yeee and also lets get this strait to all my 600s and 700s just relax as stated these boards are filled of nobodys born to parents that have beaten into their head that 800s are the way to live--all ya'll did swell and dhamz wishes you the best</p>