London School of Economics and Political Science

<p>Hey everyone...hope you are having a great summer!!</p>

<p>I just returned from London and have a new fascination with LSE. Could someone give me an idea of what they look for in the undergraduate admissions process??</p>



<p>Lots of APs, excellent mathematics skills (at least AP Calculus AP, preferably BC), high GPA and a strong SAT. LSE is as hard to get into as Chicago.</p>

<p>hmmm interesting....i've heard that it depends on what you want to focus on, so if i were to focus on economics i would assume that you are correct, but my preference happens to be a focus on politics and/or law...considering you say that it's as hard to get into as Chicago does that also mean it has as random of a selection process because from what i hear Chicago has a fairly random selection process</p>

<p>Seriously, how did you like that school?
It's so professional-like set-up. Older students dominate the campus, if you call that tiny space a campus. lol</p>