Long shot for getting in?

<p>1830 SAT first time no studying
Haven't taken SAT II's or ACT's but I'm getting a vibe that its a good idea.
4.0 GPA
1 in class
4H Nationals: 10 (Visual Presentations) approx
4H Volunteer work: 10 hrs (just preparing food baskets for holidays etc. etc. )
FFA Nationals: 10 (Prepared public speaking), 11 (extemporaneous public speaking) and 12 (job interview) year
FFA States: Creed speaking, prepared, extemp., job interview, horse judging, treasurers book
FFA Officer: Treasurer this past year, Student Advisor upcoming year
Volunteer work: Dr. Suess day reader, Horse show, haunted hayride, cat shelter, peer mentor
Horse Club VP 10
Animal Science Club 9
Work experience: several horse barns (one for three years), COOP on campus
NHS member</p>

<p>I go to an agricultural high school and am a vet science major. I take classes in canine, equine, vet and also normal academics. My school DOES NOT offer AP/Honors courses but I am taking the most challenging courses available. I will also be taking additional college courses outside of school to boost my chances. I am a dedicated horse back rider and I have travelled to Florida and to Switzerland for a two month stay to ride and learn the language. My mom is Swiss and I speak swiss-german almost fluently. Neither of my parents went to college but they own a small business that I occasionally help out at. What do you guys think? I am going to take an SAT course to help my score, I am taking spanish at school for my language and I will be taking additional college courses outside of school to help with my lack of AP courses. I also plan to start volunteering at a local church's food pantry. On another note I am not a Catholic, would that be a big deal?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>My S is a rising sr. at ND. He was very active in FFA and 4H, and was/is very active in Boer goats--raising, breeding, showing. I think if the other stats are in line with ND applicants, then agricultural EC's such as yours really make an applicant stand out. Ag-type students are rare as ND applicants. Since this is obviously your passion, I would make very sure you communicate that through your ap and essay.</p>

<p>Work hard to try to raise your SAT/ACT--your score is currently low for ND. They don't really care about SAT II, but will consider them. We were told to send them in if >700. I would suggest the ACT. Some kids really do better on it.</p>

<p>I would also include a short explanation regarding an explanation of FFA and how active your chapter is. I'm assuming it's very active since it's an ag HS. Boy, are you lucky! My S would have killed for a chance like that.</p>

<p>Being non-Catholic is not a big deal, either to admissions or as a student. However, it IS a Catholic university and very much upholds Catholicism as its mission. There is not a "shove it down your throat" mentality at all. They are very accepting of various faiths.</p>

<p>I don't think the lack of AP classes, since your HS doesn't offer them, will hinder you. My S took 3.5 (school offered 4) and he had no problems with admissions at T20 schools.</p>

<p>Can you do more volunteer work through 4H or FFA? Social justice/volunteering etc. is highly regarded for ND students.</p>

<p>I'm not sure you'll get a lot of posts. Most cc'ers don't have a rural, ag background. Please feel free to pm me if I can be of other assistance.</p>

<p>needs higher sat/act</p>


<p>What grade level in high school...sophomore, junior? sryrstress is right on with the comments concerning ND - obviously with the knowledge gained as the parent of a senior. I would agree that SAT/ACT scores need at or near SAT 1400 CR/M or ACT 32 -an ND level.</p>

<p>I raise the point about higher test scores (SAT/ACT) because rigor of HS curriculum (AP/honors classes) has been publicly stated by Mr. Saracino - Provost for Admissions - as the first criteria looked at in the admissions process. Since you don't have access to that level of courses in your current situation you need to raise your standardized test scores.</p>

<p>Your unique passion for vet science will set you apart and the more you convey to ND about this passion will be to your benefit in admissions. Notre Dame is unique as a top twenty national University that will search for people with diverse backgrounds that are fully passionate about what they are doing now and want to continue that passion at ND. If you truly want to attend ND and you show why you feel it is a perfect fit for you and your passion to further your efforts in vet medicine there you will have admissions very interested.</p>

<p>Students who love Notre Dame and want only to go there and no where else are identified by admissions. The rest of the hard work to get there is up to you. Our son was wait listed this year and after a long and grueling process was offered admission to the University. He worked very hard to get letters of Rec from many people who knew his passion for the medical field and his love for ND. His scholastic record, while very good, did not equate to the numbers posted by Early admit candidates and even some in regular decision but his passion and persistence to attend Notre Dame was an important factor in the end.</p>

<p>Make sure to identify your local admissions counselor and get in touch with the as soon as you can. Keep continued dialouge with him/her through the process as they will be your mentor and spokesperson on how and why you should be at Notre Dame. </p>

<p>Good Luck and PM me anytime.</p>

<p>did you say that you "majored" in vet science?? If you did, then wow, that is an amazing accomplishment. But anyways, I like the fact that your interest is so rooted that the admissions will see it solid. Everything about your work is outstanding and just so central that I think that you can truly take the chance now to improve your SATs. If a class is really needed, then take it. But I think that you can raise your score to 2200s simply by doing barrons and princeton review's practice questions and reading through the barrons material more.</p>

<p>^ oh haha, very dumb thing to mention the first sentence there. I kindda read it too fast to really comprehend the vet major thing, and then I just am a fast typer. ;)</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! I'm liking all the positive feedback! : ) I am definitely going to buckle down with my SAT studying and I'm thinking of taking the ACT's as a back-up. I still deciding on taking an SAT course though because it is soooo expensive and I have books to study from. My math score was my lowest and I'm really worried that that is going to keep me out of my goal range (2100-2200). Just keep studying I guess!
On another note I was wondering how good the financial aid was at Notre Dame? Like I said before my family owns a small business so we're not exactly rollin' in dough over here. : P Again, thanks for all the input!</p>

<p>And to WestPaND: I'm a Junior</p>

<p>Notre Dame will meet 100% of your need. There aren't many schools that meet 100% of need. They will use Profile to determine the amount of your family/student contribution. They do usually expect that a part of that need will be met through loans and work study, although the amount of loans they offered my S were very minimal. We have found that they do consider individual circumstances such as medical expenses, etc.</p>

<p>My S did not take an "official" SAT/ACT prep course. There are none in our area. By studying using one of the big book prep guides, he was able to raise ACT from 26 to 33.</p>