Long way off, but what are my chances in a few years?

I am currently a freshman at an extremely competitive Catholic high school in Cleveland.
I know it is very early for me to be posting, but the last couple weeks I have caught myself daydreaming about the subject of “college”. Any thought thoughts on my chances if I keep these stats where they are for four years will be greatly appreciated.</p>

Gpa: 3.8 (uw) 3.8 (w)- will hopefully have the weighted up near a 4. something out of 4.4 by senior year
Not enrolled in any honors classes freshman year. </p>

<p>Tentative sophmore year class schedule.
Honors Geometry
Honors English II
AP US History
Honors Latin II
Sophmore Service-Go to a neighborhood elementary school and tutor students. (my school is in a very poor section of Cleveland
Health II-no class possible in this subject
Theology-no honors class possible in this subject
Biology-no honors class possible in subject</p>

History of being an average standardized test taker. Will improve those skills over four years. Hoping for at least a 31 on ACT.</p>

will have be 2 year letter in basketball.
4 year letter in track
Student Senate-Freshman Class Representative
will be apart of Student Senate in AT LEAST some type of officer role for the next 3 years
4 years of Labre Ministry-go into Cleveland every Sunday night and feed the homeless.
4 years of Christian Action Team-Club that organizes events relating to the Corporal works of Mercy in our neighborhood and high school community.
2 years of Pallbearers Society-carry the caskets of those who have no family members living to carry it
4 years of Latin Club
4 years of Ignatian forLife-meet weekly and discuss pro life.
Write articles for student newspaper</p>

<p>will hopefully have some type of AT LEAST an officer position in all of these clubs</p>

<p>Essays:Have a few good ideas for topic-such as how the Jesuit education has affected me personally</p>

2 older brothers attended</p>

<p>So any comments on my chances if I keep these stats and EC’s where they are for a few years would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>you're only a freshman! you should expand your views and try not to focus JUST on Boston College, i mean, you have time. there are lots of fantastic colleges out there besides Boston College.
those stats look great though, try to maintain them. work hard. i wish my (public) school had a pro-life club! my soph english teacher was extremely pro-choice and he HATED me because of my views. (and as a result graded me lower on everything) you might want to work on the ACT, I had a 31 and got flat out rejected EA.</p>

<p>Honestly, being that you are a freshman, I would just sign off of College Confidential for AT LEAST another year...Enjoy high school now (while working to keep your grades high and getting involved with activities)...But don't think about getting into colleges just yet! Seriously, the college process consumes so much of junior/senior years, you don't want to get caught up in it just yet, because I guarantee you'll be insane by the time the whole process is over!</p>

<p>But, it does look like you are on track...good classes, good GPA, lots of EC's...Keep it up and you'll be fine!</p>

<p>..just don't get sidetracked in high school / don't impose limits on yourself
I would also say sign off</p>