longest you've heard someone stay in college?

<p>what's the most amount of years you've heard of someone staying in college for? (undergraduate only)</p>

<p>i know someone that stayed in college for 10 years
6 at a community college + 4 at a four year university</p>

<p>My brother in law has been in college for 12 years, but I think he's taken a year or two off in there. He goes primarily part time because he works two jobs and is a father of five, and he's changed his major like seven times. It is actually becoming a marital problem at this point.</p>

<p>I think that's pretty common, if you only take a course here and a course there. Even though ten years is excessive and a little ridiculous.</p>

<p>When I was in CC I knew quite a few students who had been there for three or four years already. I have no idea what they were doing. I suppose they could've been part time but many of them were extensively involved in ECs so I would have thought they had time to take more classes.</p>

<p>Van Wilder did 7. That's the line in the sand.</p>

<p>7, long enough imo</p>

<p>Do we count time in between? Then something in the range of about 25? With nearly two decades intermediate.</p>

<p>my dad knew a guy who did his bachelors in seven years, he was almost done. but this guy's dad got really fed up and took him out of UT Austin by grabbing him by the ears. lol...</p>

<p>I'm probably going to be in college for 7 years.</p>

<p>I met a guy once that claimed that he was in college from age 18-42 years old and had gotten 6 bachelors degrees and 2 masters degrees. He was a strange guy at best and I have no clue if his story is true but if it is, than that's the longest I've heard of by far.</p>

<p>I used to know people at my CC who bragged about how long they'd been there, like 6 years or so. I was just thinking...not exactly what I would be bragging about. But they probably only took a class here and there and not really a full load.</p>

<p>listen to van wilder stay in school don't be a fool.</p>

<p>the longest ive heard of was 6 years, and i dont think that guy took any years off</p>



<p>I personally stayed in college (9 different Universities) for almost 26.5 years. I sat out 3 of those years, yet went to college summer school 10 times, during those 26.5 years. Those decades spent in college, resulted in 430 semester hours at 9 Universities, the ‘World Record’ without being a Teaching Assistant (TA), teacher or professor. I started at age 18 and went till I was 44 years of age. After that, I developed a Chemistry Method for assigning Absolute Configuration to Chemical Structures. I have provided a FREE website for students/professors/and those who would just like to learn the method at AbsoluteConfiguration.org , as well as, at the following web address: RSconfiguration.com</p>

<p>I know of someone on their 9th year and they didn’t transfer in from community college. Most people take at least 6 year. 5 is if you’re STEM trying to relax your schedule a bit. 4 is if you’ve been on top of your game from the start and had no trouble getting the classes you needed.</p>

<p>I’ll play even though this is an old thread. I spent 7 years in community college while working full time, and I was just admitted to several UC’s (uncluding Cal and UCLA) as a Mechanical Engineering major.</p>

<p>@Emaheevul07: I was at community college for 4 years before I transferred, the reason being because I needed to pass some approved math and writing courses in order to transfer. Since I was placed into the low-level courses for those, I had to work my way up which took quite some time. Not to mention, I was trying to get as much of my GE out of the way as well as do some lower-div transferable coursework for my major. I would’ve transferred after 3 years, but I got rescinded and had to stay another extra year. </p>

<p>Traditional students? My friend’s brother took six years, which is kind of awkward because he’s like five years older than her and they were in college at the same time.</p>

<p>Otherwise? People who do part-time take years and years. My bosses from my work-study job would only take 3 or 6 hours a semester (while working full time), so you do that math and it’s only 6-12 hours a year, so 10 years at best… 20 at worst.</p>

<p>I was on the elevator at work recently with a woman who was receiving her bachelor’s after 13 years! Of course, she was going to school part-time, while taking advantage of our employer’s tuition reimbursement plan. But I told her my hat was off to her, for sticking it out and finishing, if nothing else. </p>