Longstreet vs. Truman

<p>I narrowed it down to these two (since I heard fevans is next to where they have concerts and it's really annoying even tho ill prob be at those concerts lol). Which one is better in terms of social life and closer to the campus and dining? If fevans is better tell my why! Thanks! Tell me from your personal experience!</p>

<p>They're pretty much the same since they're right next to each other. Turman (not Truman) is like 15ft ft closer to the shuttle stops and the DUC (where you eat) but other than that, I'd personally choose LSM just because it's LSM. I lived there myself the past year and it was great. Longstreet has more study lounges and more fun programs/good food at events (since it's an international themed dorm). Social life really depends on the people in your hall but it didn't disappoint for me this year- try to get close with your hallmates and you're sure to have a blast. Fevans is alright too though LSM and Turman are for sure the top two. Just don't get into Mctyeire, Dobbs or Harris- don't slack off and write those essays! Good luck :)</p>

<p>Yeah, but Fevans has legit classrooms (resident accessible too, before I left, we decided to use the projectors to watch a movie in one of them), a media lounge (does LSM have a smartboard, nope!), and 2 study rooms per floor (many underused). Also, they tend to hold a lot of events in the multipurpose room and sustainability kitchen per week. It's still a tie. People tend to study, play video games, and even rock out (EmoRock or w/e, has its practice in there). Fevans seems the closest to the complex feel than almost all other dorms, especially out of the new dorms. LSM is like an upscale Harris when you think about it. The Parlor=the Lobby (I'll admit that lobby is epic, it's like a 4-5 star hotel lobby) and the amenities are solid, but I think Fevans location may give it a more interesting social scene. </p>

<p>However, in many senses, they tie. </p>

<p>Turman is not the top two. I will give that to LSM and Fevans all of the way. Turman seems like the most dull of the 3. Turman wins in terms of location relative to the areas you mention, but Fevans isn't far enough to say that the whole dorm is better. There is more to a dorm than location. That would be like saying Alabama>Clairmont which could be debated. Depends on if you value amenities vs. location.</p>

<p>You can't go wrong with either. But you should realize that Longstreet is about 3 times as big as Turman. Other than that, they are both fairly similar.</p>

<p>do you have to write an essay or LSM? like you do for fevans and turman?</p>

<p>actually i found it, its global cultures yeah?</p>

<p>^^ yeah. My vote is for LSM. I lived there and I absolutely loved it. It's nicer living and if you really do want the smartboards and classrooms of Fevans you can always just walk over...</p>

<p>What are the chances of getting it if you write the essay?</p>

<p>LSM=Fevans. I know you loved it in LSM, but you have to be honest, other than the awesome living room, living conditions are not different whatsoever, and I know because I've been in both as in rooms and lounge areas. Like all new dorms/buildings here, they have nearly the same design and decor principles. It is very difficult to justify choosing LSM over Fevans based upon "Living Conditions". I could also claim: "If you want to sit in the awesome lobby area, just walk over there". Also, one could very easily claim, "I want a nice view of the campus", which is an area where Fevans is absolutely superior. It's trees and red-tiled roofs vs. Construction and maybe WHSAB/Med school if lucky. If anything, you choose the location you desire best (and even that difference is not great at all).
The only thing I agree on is that LSM and Fevans are awesome. I could hardly tell one to choose one over the other. Just as you and several who lived in LSM vouch for it, there will be just as many people who loved the living conditions at Fevans.</p>

<p>musicmania: I think choosing to write the essay will increase your odds of getting the dorm as you are showing a large preference/interest toward a particular dorm and the program associated with it. Speaking of those programs, they need to beef up involvement in them among the residents, though w/o being intrusive. Through venues, students demonstrated interest in being involved in the program hosted by the reshall, and one would think that more could at least try and participate in the events despite really only applying for the living conditions. Perhaps they should offer incentives (then again, I think this is why Dooley's Bowl was established, and not surprisingly, a non-themed hall, Mctrimble won) for participation other than the free food involved.</p>

<p>Question: Does the housing fill up fast? I think I heard that it doesn't matter when you submit your housing application, as long as it's before the deadline (meaning that Emory doesn't use rolling applications but looks at them all as a whole once they've been submitted). Is that true? I'd really love to get Longstreet Means but I waited quite a while to fill my pre-arrival questionnaire out (I'm doing it right now). I'm afraid I won't get it.</p>

<p>LSM.... just because it's so much bigger. they're both so close to everything though</p>

<p>Bernie it is not that serious. I just said what my vote was for lol. Yeah sure, LSM = Fevans. You're right.</p>

<p>Just saying. Glad you at least show some dorm pride. I had for a while thought it was something really only seen in Harris and Complex (and maybe Dobbs). I hope you are the norm and not the exception :) .</p>