Look at my stats and please tell me my chances.

<p>I know you guys can't really give an accurate/official rating, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Please give me your evalution on my chances at getting into UT Austin. </p>

<p>I'm Instate, so that should be a bit better...</p>

<p>GPA: 4.22 (weighted, out of a 5.0 scale)
Rank: not sure at the moment, top quarter for sure. My school's really competitive so I don't know if I'm in top 10%
Honors class: All Honors class except for half of Geometry and Pre-calc. I have gotten mostly A's and some B's.
Extra curricular activities:</p>

<li>NHS member</li>
<li>Model UN </li>
<li>Tennis for freshman year (don't know if i should mention that on apps)</li>
<li>Orchestra for freshman year (don't know if i should mention that on apps)</li>
<li>Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) Officer - it's an organization that encourages students to become interested in a health care proffession. </li>
<li>Health Science and Technology - this is the actually class that sponsers HOSA, we do a clinical rotation where two days a week I go to a hospital and study a certain 'section' of it. We get to go in the Operating Room (OR), the Recovery Room (RR), Labor/Delivery, Radiology, BioMedical Engineering, etc.

<li>Yearbook staff</li>

<p>I also am a mentor in the Nationwide Big Brother, Big Sister program where one day a week, I go and mentor my 'little sister'.
- I also volunteer at local elementaries right after school where I help kids with math. </p>


<p>The thing about UT Austin is that the school has a HUGE student body. I have already had my fair share of a huge class (my high school class
(just my class alone) numbered around 1200 students). I am trying to be "a big fish in a small pond" so smaller colleges are on my preference list too.
However, I don't want it small to the point of obscurity. The thing about the smaller texas colleges is that it's located in the middle of nowhere (to use that expression loosely). I would much prefer a urban setting, which pulls me towards UT in comparison to...oh, I don't know, Texas Tech or Baylor. </p>

<p>Although Baylor is on my list too, just in case.

<p>mention ALL your ec's even if its tennis or orchestra. every activity will help!</p>

<p>Are you sure all? </p>

<p>I will mention my 4949(hyperbole, off course) activites, but only speak on one... is that good?</p>

<p>cryingivy, you sound like you're a student from a PISD school. if thats the case, with a gpa of 4.22 out of 5, you'd be in the top ten people, haha.</p>

<p>if not, and you really are just in the top quarter and not from a PISD school, then my advice is to make as high of a SAT score as possible. because when it all comes down to it, UT is mostly a numbers school. sure i bet they actually read your essays and care about your ECs, but in all reality, i'm sure that in comparison to other universites out there, UT cares more for your numbers/scores than how you built houses for poor people on the weekends. </p>

<p>just for perspective, this year, 71% of this year's freshmen class was in the top 10% at a texas public school. 29% was everyone else. of course, these statistics only reveal the stats for the freshmen class, not the ACCEPTED applicants nor the total number of applicants, it gives you a particular perspective: that you have to compete with many others in the same situation as you and that UT doesnt accept many non-top10%ers. you do have one advantage up your sleeve though: you're a texas resident. no pressure or anything...just wanted to let you know (in case you didn't).</p>

<p>sure, mention your ECs, but dont mention those insignificant ones, like listing all the 30 clubs in school you were in. that shows lack of interest in a particular club - that you just wanted to stack up on ECs to show your college how much you "care for outside school activites". Instead, list those that at least have some significance (yeah, what you listed is fine). and as just2fitz said, you could speak of one of your ECs, even in one of your essays. That really speaks and attests to your interest of a particular EC. Thats what I did when I applied to all my colleges/UT last year. but in any case, i think you have a good shot. although it'd be much more helpful if you could mention your SAT score and what college you're applying to. Hope that helps.</p>