Look, if I do this, will I get hired? Just lay it on me.

<p>I go to a school that is ACBSP accredited. It is by no means a top school. In fact, it isn't top in Pennsylvania, where it is located. It isn't top in my county; it isn't even listed in U.S News this year.</p>

<p>I have a 3.7 as a sophomore. I am committed to graduating with a 3.8 or above. No extracurricular's besides work. </p>

<p>Right now I am Comprehensive Business. People are making me think that I'll be the manager of Applebee's with this type of degree, so I look at accounting. </p>

<p>Let's just assume I graduate with a 3.8 in accounting from THIS school.</p>

<p>Will I get an interview with Big 4? With another well-respected firm? Just tell me if I can make 60K or not because I'm in this for the money.</p>

<p>Thank you. Godbless. Enjoy this season of American Idol.</p>

<p>You have some serious confidence issues. </p>

<p>Here is what you need to do:
1) Find out if the B4 recruit your school
2) Find out if you even like accounting
3) Gain some leadership skills</p>

<p>You will not make 60k starting at the B4...and you are sophomore so "60k" is an arbitrary number. Do some of your own damn research before asking these question, please.</p>

<p>As long as the big 4 or other respectable firms recruit there, than yes you will be fine with that gpa. Just join BAP so u can have that on a resume. As far as 60 k it most likely won't be ur starting salary with big 4 unless u start in NY city or sumthing. But u can get their pretty soon after starting.</p>

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<p>There is no forumla you follow that will guarantee a job. If there was, every person would follow it. I can't say if you do <strong><em>, _</em></strong><strong><em>, and _</em></strong>___ you will get a job. Also remember, no one is going to hire you soley because of what you majored in, what school you went to, what grades you got, or any combination of those factors. </p>

<p>HOWEVER, if I were to give a formula for business students, I would say go to a well respected school/program (within your area and discipline), major in something that has a somewhat defined job market, get great grades, develop yourself professionally, and as a subset of that become comfortable interacting with many different types of people. </p>

<p>AND don't do it just for the money; you'll likely end up dissapointed.
AND if you do everything above and things don't work out perfectly, don't beat yourself up, it happens to many students in this economy, everything is not in your control; it is not your fault. Something will come up eventually...</p>

<p>Whatdidyou gives pretty good advice...he is just much more pessimistic on the job market that I am.</p>

<p>I don't see why those companies would interview at my school. From what I've read, I have gathered that they do that at bigger schools with better known programs. </p>

<p>Also, I don't know where you get this feeling that I need confidence lol. I just want you to answer a damn accounting question bro. Calm down.</p>

<p>Also, according to the 'everything you need to know...' thread, 60k is explicitly stated. So idk dude, I did a little reading from that and other sources and 60k for top-tier candidates was what was repeated.</p>

<p>Juuuuust wondering if my school will determine the whole top-tier thang or not.</p>

<p>You're not getting hired because you're a naive tool.</p>

<p>^^And probably a troll.</p>


<p>Is it because I said "Thang"? Oh brother.</p>


<p>A.) No you won't lol.
B.) No I'm really not lol.</p>

<p>Aww you hurt my e-feelings!! Lol how are we supposed to take you seriously after ending your opening post with this:</p>

<p>"Just tell me if I can make 60K or not because I'm in this for the money"</p>

<p>And I'm already ahead of you and I haven't even started yet, because I'm getting into schools people have actually heard of</p>

<p>You'd better be in this for the money. I shudder to think of the disappointment when reality hits someone that thinks they'll like this work.</p>

<p>"Just join BAP so u can have that on a resume."</p>

<p>Too bad BAP requires all schools with chapters to be AACSB. Oops.</p>

<p>Grad school, it's your only hope.</p>


<p>I certainly wish you the best of luck, and the grandest of lives.</p>


<p>Dude, you're the only legit mofo on this site. THANK YOU</p>


I go to a school that is ACBSP accredited.



Too bad BAP requires all schools with chapters to be AACSB. Oops.


Attention to detail man.</p>

<p>@Champanzee If you ask stupid questions, I'm not sure it's really fair to get upset about the type of answers you're getting.</p>


<p>What the frigg are you talking about lol</p>

<p>I am quite happy. I don't get upset at the internet, or at people who spend too much time on them silly!</p>

<p>The thing is, there are a ton of factors that go into whether or not you get an interview. Just knowing your gpa and a general idea of the school you go to isn't anywhere enough. You're asking for a definite answer that no one here could possibly know.
Your career center would have a much better idea.</p>

<p>Also, you mention you're in the job for a high starting salary yet you mention careers with notoriously low starting salaries suggesting you've done absolutely no research alone prior to asking here.</p>

<p>I recall mentioning one job, and one job only: accounting.</p>

<p>According to my research, they make bank.</p>