Look what my teacher wrote... -_-;;

<p>I'm applying to Yale EA and my teacher wrote on the app "I have no hesitation in recommending _____ to Yale University, as it will certainly be Australia's loss and your gain".</p>


<p>I'm going to need this recommendation for other colleges RD. Are they going to count against me for having that comment (especially the likes of other ivies)?</p>

<p>Why don't you ask your teacher to change the name of the university for each of the other colleges you're gonna apply to? That's what all my teachers did for my apps. It shouldn't be a hassle esp. since most teachers type out their recs on Word. Otherwise you could always ask her/him (nicely!) whether you could replace "Yale" with a more generic term e.g your college or smthing along those lines. You definitely shouldn't send the "Yale" comment to all the colleges as it'll show varied levels of commitment to their schools.. it kinda has a negative connatation to it. Yep, just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>absolutely agree with supergirl - there is still plenty of time to change this, and as you recognized this as a problem now it's silly not to do anything about it.</p>

<p>I agree with the others. If your other packages have not been sent out, politely ask the teacher if he can change the "Yale" reference on each letter and substitute it with the other colleges' names or if not, then give you a generic letter with no college names. This is easy to change on a word processor and a very understandable request. </p>

<p>My kids both had a teacher who used the college names in the text of his rec as well. My oldest child (currently college freshman) first had the teacher write a rec for Yale EA last year. Then when she applied to her other 7 schools, she went and had him do all the other rec forms and submit his narrative with the changed college names. He did that very willingly. Subsequently after all app packages were mailed in , we later noticed that while he had changed the word, "Yale" in the text of his rec many times, he had inadvertantly forgotten to change the last Yale reference and so every college got one "Yale" within the text of his rec, though the rest of the rec had the right college name. I thought, geez, that is not so good, especially with safety schools. But it was an honest mistake and it is not the student's mistake and colleges know you applied to more than one school and there ain't nothing we could do about it. Follow up to that is that the ONLY school she was denied at was Yale. Go figure. </p>

<p>Same teacher has written a rec for my second child who is a current applicant (not to Yale) and each time she has an app ready to mail, the teacher makes the college name change in his rec to go with the high school's package. So far, so good this year, lol. </p>


<p>are you from australia? because then that sentence would make sense...</p>

<p>hahaha yeah, im sure they prolly are.</p>

<p>lol yes I'm from Australia.</p>

<p>It'd be funny if my teacher wrote it if I was american... hehe that would be pretty random.</p>