looking at schools for 2015

<p>What about the science and humanities scholar program? I think this sounds great for my daughter she loves Math, French, and singing. We are just looking at colleges for her now. My husband prefers the Ivy League schools, like Yale. Any opinions?</p>

<p>I would hope your daughter's doing some searching of her own, and that you guys aren't hand picking schools for her based on what is "preferred."</p>

<p>That said, the SHS program is an integrated degree that will allow you to get a BS or a BA in two different areas. Math and French would be a perfect example of a SHS degree, with perhaps a minor in Vocal Performance from the College of Fine Arts. :)</p>


<p>Why are you picking schools for her....</p>

<p>Anyone seeking ivies SHOULD be competent enough to navigate the college choice process on their own without your assistance UNTIL she has asked for your inputs...which i urge you to consider encouraging her to make her own choices</p>

<p>With all due respect...I strongly encourage you to back off or your stress will drive your D crazy ...the college application process is a long haul until decisions are made May 1, 2011-- this is HER project and HER choice.<br>
I have a college consulting business and have worked with many families-- and I'm telling you-- your kid needs to own this process without your meddling or your best efforts will sabotage her independence and success at this important point in her life.</p>

<p>Best of luck-- visit CMU and let her decide. Consider sending her to sleeping bag weekend without you or your husband.</p>