Looking at the T10s

I was looking at the USNWR list for top schools, and there are currently 12 schools which fall under the T10 category: Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Yale, UChicago, Stanford, UPenn, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Caltech, and Northwestern.

Many of these schools make a lot of sense, for their rankings, except JHU. Idk, it just does not feel like a T10 to me. I mean, if I were to see someone say Dartmouth 2026 (13th) or Brown 2026 (14th) or Cornell 2026 (17th), I’d honestly be far more impressed than seeing someone say that they’re part of those instead of JHU 2026.

All I’m saying is that this boggles my mind, and I’d honestly expect to see the three Ivies be mentioned as T10s instead of JHU. I mean they are 3 schools which join the remaining 11 or so others as schools you’d see in films growing up and be accustomed to. JHU just doesn’t have that prestige that the rest of the T10s have and it confuses me seeing it as a T10. Anyone else with me here?

JHU being somehow “less” impressive than all ivies is just your bias and doesn’t represent many in academics and industry who hold JHU in high regard and do not see it as out of place in the top 10.

More importantly: as you received feedback in your other thread: stop focusing on rankings and focus on making yourself a top candidate. Get good grades and focus on your application. And don’t apply to JHU if you do not see it’s worth! They have no trouble getting the best and brightest applicants from all over the world.


Feel free to make your own T10. Rankings are simply the opinion of USNWR.

JHU deserves a top ranking. When you do more research, you can learn why.

They likely don’t need your affirmation, and I hope you are not so much of a prestige whore that you need such affirmation from others.

I’ve moved the thread to the cafe; seems more appropriate. But I’m reserving the right to shut down in the thread in the future since at first glance it seems to be a continuation of your troII thread.


No. Are we being “punked” here? :grinning:


Didn’t get all the opinions you needed on your other thread regarding prestige, Ivies, JHU and rankings via a fake admissions story? You are obsessing and it’s not healthy or productive.


Yes — this a duplicate thread of your “fake” thread that received many, many responses already:



Right… I just have a confession to make: I didn’t get into either school–or any–yet. I’m to start the app process next fall, and I was just seeing how everybody here was perceiving Johns Hopkins (and UCLA), when compared to other schools, which I believe, are peer institutions. Albeit, I feel that the methodology I used was rather questionable here, but it was still interesting to see how everybody here felt nevertheless!

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