Looking back at high school on a social aspect....

<p>I think I felt really out of place. I have friends but as time goes by and it's heading towards graduation, a lot of people have started showing their true colors. Or maybe I'm just started to notice it now. I think people just sort of walk all over me because I don't have a lot of self confidence and I always doubt myself. Like I would say nice things to other people to make them feel better and risk making myself look bad in the process. I don't hang out too much w/ ppl from my school cause I studied a lot in high school but there a lot of times I'm not invited to things b/c I'm not as close to the ppl I hang out with. then i have a friend that appeared to support me when I got into UCLA but then my friend tries to get me to not choose UCLA because she likes it but she didn't get in. She says things like "hopefully, you wont go there" and stuff like that. The more I think about the people I met in high school, the more I see myself as a person people looked down upon. Even more so,my classmates that were more like me than I thought were nicer to me than the people I hung out with. I guess since I worked hard in school, some people thought I had no life. BUt when i'm just clueless, people think I'm dumb. </p>

<p>I really hope that college will be a better place for me because sadly when I look back at hs, I didn't really make any good friends. :,( I'm starting to realize everyday that people I met in hs are not caring people...at least not towards me. I've always been excited to go to college because I've wanted to start over for so long. I see my freindships in hs as more acquaintances with a mix of facades to cover true feelings. </p>

<p>What do you think when you look back at your hs experiences?</p>

<p>What do I think about experience?
Seems very similar to yours.</p>

<p>i agree with you. sadly, i still have one more year left in high school. i hope it will go by quickly. i pray that people are friendlier in college and that i'll make some best friends instead of just acquaintances.</p>

<p>The notion that high school spans the best four years of one's life is pure excrement. A high school "social life" is a farce. There are those you are forced to pass time with and there are those you confide in. Rarely do the two intersect.</p>

<p>if high school was the best 4 years of your life, there are many people who will feel very very sorry for you.</p>

<p>High school is a mixing pot of people from all different sorts of levels of intellegence and maturity. College is mostly more mature people, so you don't have to put up with those "cool" kids.</p>

<p>yea, i just realized it more and more as the years went by. I guess I never caught up socially after falling behind freshmen year. Although I don't appear as a loner, I feel like a loner because the people who I thought were my friends don't really support me. I'm just so shocked about my friend who is subliminally trying to get me not to go to a school adn constantly reinforcing me to go to another school. She'll yell at me and be like "no! you're going to ....." the more i think about it, the more i just want to say im going to the school she likes just to p*ss her off.</p>

<p>i agree with what you mean about highschool. i consider myself as somewhat outgoing, but i'm often amazed at how i can go through the entire day and i feel as if no one, not even my friends, notices me. </p>

<p>but you should go where you want to. she's just being stupid. anyways did she get accepted there? if not, i doubt she would get in just cus you decided not to go there. </p>

<p>oh and whoever said high school is the best four years of your life.. needs to be shot. sorry, was that too bitter of a comment?</p>

<p>yah, i am going somewhere else. that's the thing. she keeps emphasizing it to me. im just gonna say it just to p*ss her off even though I'm not going there. She wouldn't have gotten in so I don't know why she cares so much.</p>

<p>No, that's not a too bitter comment. I think a lot of people feel what we feel on CC. I noticed that the less popular more studious people feel this way b/c they worked hard the past four years to go to a great college instead of wasting time trying to be "popular".</p>

<p>What about the many students who aren't as studious? I think this site attracts its fair share of them (or, should I say, "us"). It's easy to lump CC members together as being a part of one group or another, but it's clearly not defendable. I think that the similarities between us are less than the differences between us "eccentrics" (or even "normals") and the "populars" we so love to hate.</p>

<p>Whatever happened to finding a balance between studying and having fun.</p>

<p>I've enjoyed my four years of high school, spent considerable time partying and playing sports, made a lot friends, had relationships, it's going to be something I remember for the rest of my life (assuming I don't get any memory-related illnesses).</p>

<p>At the same time, I worked hard, kept my grades up, did well on standardized tests and got into my top choice school.</p>

<p>My, oh, my Dima343! Boy is that just swell! We're all so proud of you!</p>

<p>Get out of the loner thread. Now.</p>

<p>we're not saying we didn't have fun. it's just looking back, it didn't mean as much as we thought it did. </p>

<p>well good for you Dima!</p>

<p>so nom IM's me and asks me if I'm sarcastic or just conceited. So I decided to look back at that post and he's right, so let's just pretend I was sarcastic (maybe it was in my mind) and that I was exhausted at the time (still am).</p>

<p>So I thought more carefully: freshman year I was one of the hated "populars" first term and my average sucked, so I clamped down and worked hard second term and became a loner. Sophomore year was all about popularity and sports for me and my grades sucked. Junior year was exactly the opposite.</p>

<p>Senior year I finally found a balance. I admit that if I had to do high school all over again, I'd do things completely different and probably screw it up in a completely different way.</p>

<p>Anyway, I guess what I really meant to say is that for those of us graduating in June (or May in some cases), let's not lament high school. And in college, let's aim for a good balance between the two and have the time of our lives.</p>

<p>L'Chaim (don't kill me if I spelled that wrong)</p>

<p>Yeah I started out with no friends and gradually gained them until senior year when I lost all of them and realized I had very few (my best friend and maybe 1 or 2 others) real friends. That hit me hard. I thought I was well liked, I made student council and was invited to stuff and could talk to anyone. I tried to be nice too but I realized that it was all for nothing. That's probably why I look back on high school without fondness, because it just plain was all an illusion.</p>

<p>Now in college things are very different. I have a lot of friends and they all really care and things just rule. I love college. Except for right now because of my damn lab report but I'm fine, I really am fine. haha. I'm so screwed.</p>

<p>let me just say that college is a lot different than high school. i'm sure you'll all find out. my recommendation: bring a positive attitude! be willing and ready for a fresh start. be brave and be a risk-taker... who knows, what if that one kid you introduced yourself to sitting next to the lecture hall becomes your best friend? college is a fresh start and a time to re-invent yourself and discover who you are, which includes who your friends are. good luck =)</p>

<p>i think i'm a very outgoing person. i have a bubbly personality. i think im gonna use that to my advantage this time because people in hs sort of took advantage of my niceness and mistaken it for weakness. I portray myself with criticism because I don't want peopel to think I am conceited b/c i get good grades and stuff. But it just made people look disdainly or something b/c they don't think I fully deserve what I got out of hs. I'm gonna have more self confidence and basically not take each friendship too seriously but just go along with it. I'm not gonna worry if this perosn is talking behind my back or etc. I'm just gonna let is happen and there's always room to make new friends and stuff. college is gonna be a blast.</p>

<p>perfect attitude right there. Just be outgoing and be yourself and don't be afraid to talk to people. Just do it.</p>

<p>I absolutely loathe the shallow characters that prowl my school's hallways. Rich preppy kids who never worked a day in their lives, drive brand new cars that mommy and daddy bought for them, and don't give a damn about you unless your outfit cost at least $200. For example, one week I couldn't come to a club meeting because I had to work. The next week, one kid [who has never held a job] said "You never show up to meetings! Why don't you try coming next time like the rest of us!" I will only say that I am by far the most active member of that club; you can figure the rest out.</p>

<p>People in my high school are self-absorbed and base their social relationships on a pathetic little facade - everybody is the exact same, dresses the same, listens to the same music, involved in the same sports, goes to the same places every weekend. I happen to NOT be this way - and in all reality, there are a <em>few</em> [and I mean VERY few] people who are not of this model - the losers, outcasts, and some international students. Most are wierdos or drug addicts (I am not exagerating here either - they really are), but a few are kinda "undiscovered jewels" and I am lucky enough to call them my friends. Unfortunately, they don't have many other friends, nor a lot of money, nor a nice fancy car from daddy, and so we never get to go anywhere or do anything. Still, I value the friendship very deeply and hope to remain friends for many, many years. </p>

<p>Just to sum up my high school experience; it's been hell. It sucks. Every day is the same, the people are the same, the topics are the same, and the routine is the same. I exist on the margins of high school society, and it sucks. On the other hand, I'd have to ask myself - do I want to become the very thing I hate?
I don't quite understand why people are so quick to conform to what they think everybody else wants, but maybe if they weren't so shallow and could decide things for themselves, high school might be a bit more interesting.</p>

<p>I hope to god college isn't this way, because I will certainly not remain there for very long if it is.</p>

<p>wow....man, i was nowhere near the "popular" crowd in middle school and going into high school, but as time went on, my class really came together. everyone was nice to each toehr, at least superficially. I eman obviously it wasnt peaches and cream, but there werent many people really looked down upon. I glanced over this and saw that the people one hangs out with are the people that theyre forced to spend time with...not true for me at all...my four best friends were the ones i made in high school. GIven all this, my school was really small, abotu 850 total, 200 in my class. Most had been in the district since kindergarten, so we all knew each other pretty well. oh, and btw, i do see where you guys are coming from. middle school was like that for me at times. and no, college is nothing like it, at least it hasnt been so far.</p>