Looking back on my past content

After taking a break from CC, I decided to re-read some of my past threads/replies out of boredom. After reading what I posted awhile back, I began to realize that some my past threads/replies may have been inappropriate/immature in nature.

This made me realize that college was a transition period for me, socially, mentally, & emotionally. I turned to online forums just because it was an easy way for me to post various content and reply to other people’s content.

Looking back, I posted questions and content in search of opinions and answers to what I’ve posted, even though I could’ve asked my family and friends, why not ask/talk to other people online as well?

Overall, despite me posting on various online forums, I knew that I would recieve mixed reactions, even though I still enjoy posting on online forums, it still gives me something else to do during my day.

Furthermore, I’m glad that I’ve learned from my past mistakes, or I would’ve continued down a negative path that may have led to serious consequences, depending on the severity of the situation.


Thanks for coming back to share your new perspective, it sounds like you’ve had a lot of growth!

It’s very generous of you to share what you’ve learned about yourself, others and the big picture with other developing, stressed-out students, I’m sure it will be helpful to many people. I wish you happiness and meaningful work and relationships! :slightly_smiling_face:


CC includes posts by many students, parents, and possibly a few grandparents. The parents include ones whose children are just starting to think about university, and some whose children have graduated from university and in some cases are in graduate programs or have graduated and gotten a job.

Also different people have very different experiences in life.

As such we should expect a range of opinions and a range of ages and levels of maturity.

It does not bother me when a young person acts as if they are a young person. This seems like something we should expect. I do not take it personally.

However, thanks for coming back and expressing your view apparently a few years later.

This is exactly the right thing to do! No one is perfect. We all have past mistakes. Many of us have learned to do better next time.

One thing that I still remind myself from time to time is not to be too harsh or rude to a young person who is acting as if they are a young person.


I wish there were more of that! I’ve been somewhat upset about how some hs seniors who are posting here because they are confused are treated by some adult posters.

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