Looking for a college, help

<p>I'm new here but perhaps someone could help me out here. I'll briefly tell my story and someone could point me to some resources or some colleges to look at.</p>

<p>I'm a junior and I need to figure out what colleges I want to apply to. I'm from New York City and have a 91-92 avg or so. I'll be taking the SAT and three AP exams next week. I've done some work in the school for my computer teacher in what they call the Mouse Squad. I have a great interest in computers and in baseball. Those are my two passions. I played JV baseball my freshman year. However I haven't done many extracurricular activities otherwise which hurts me I guess.</p>

<p>So here's the problem. I want to apply to a college that offers: Business Administration, Computer Science, and Sports Management. I'd be interested in Statistics too but I'm not sure what kind of career I could pursue in that although I've always had a thing for numbers and playing around with them. It's a weird combination but I'm really looking to go for maybe a double major (I got real high hopes). In the event that I change my mind even if I don't go for a double major I'd still like to pursue one of these areas for a career (I know many people change their minds and I probably will too so I just want to make sure I can change to areas I'm interested in). My question is what colleges offer these areas I've just mentioned, specifically the first three?
Thanks in advance for any advice.</p>

<p>Business and computer science are going to be easier to pin down than sports management, so I'd suggest you start with schools that have sports management and then look at their business/CS offerings. Here are the schools I have in my database as having sports managment/sports science programs - if I'm familiar with their business or CS program, I've noted that as well:</p>

<p>U of Alabama
Arizona State (would be a good choice for business and for CS)
Berry (Georgia
Central Washington
U of Connecticut
Concordia College (CA)
Flagler (Florida - does have business, not sure about the CS)
U of Florida (good choice for both CS and business)
Elon (also good choice for business, check out their CS department)
Guilford (NC)
High Point (NC)
U of Idaho
Indiana U (excellent for business and good CS)
Ithaca College (NY) - solid business, check on CS
U of Kansas
Lynchburg (VA) - good business, check on CS
U of Massachusetts Amherst (good business, good CS)
U of Michigan (good business, good CS)
North Carolina State
U of Oregon (good business and CS)
Ohio State (good business and CS)
U of Richmond (VA) (good business, check CS)
Rutgers (NJ) (good business, excellent CS)
Seton Hall (NJ)
U of South Carolina (good business, good CS)
Springfield (MA)
St. Ambrose (Iowa) good business
St. Leo (FL) good business
St. John's U (NY) good business
St. Olaf (MN)
Stetson (FL) excellent business and CS
Taylor U (IN)
Temple (PA) good business, good CS
U of TEnnessee
Texas Christian U (good business)
U of Tulsa (excellent business, good CS)
Western New England (MA)
Wingate (NC) good business
Xavier (OHIO)</p>

<p>Looking at the above list, my top suggestions for you would be U of Michigan, Arizona State, U of South Carolina, Rutgers, and Indiana U. All are quite large, however. If you want a smaller school, check out Stetson, Wingate, Texas Christian, and U of Richmond. However, I'd encourage you to look at the websites of all of these schools and compare their sports managment/sports sciences, business, and computer science programs to see what appeals to you. Again, some schools will have sports management (i.e., the business of sports) while others will focus more on sports sciences (kinesology) so you will have to compare to see which fits. You may also want to look for schools that offer an entertainment management major --- a bit broader perhaps than sports management. Have fun!</p>