Looking for a First Year Review from an Auburn Student


My daughter is considering Auburn University (pre-med) and their Honors College. She will apply this year. We would love to hear reviews from other students and/or parents on the campus culture. Is Greek Life a big deal?

I hope someone responds to you that is a freshman/sophomore…but, I’ll chime in. My son is a graduate student now but was in the Honors college as a Freshman pre-engineering student and marching band member. He had difficulty with some of the classes and this is from a full IB diploma/Nat’l AP scholar kid w/ high gpa and stats. If your student can credit out, I recommend they do. My son was advised by a friend at Alabama it would be better to retake some of the math if he did well in his AP/IB math and make a good grade in college to solidify his GPA early than to bypass it. Well, honors engineering calc and physics with a professor emeritus blew his GPA. They do get to elect some fun theoretical classes but honors math and sciences are real. The Honors program is not just the extra benefits that you get at some others schools (you do get them at Auburn)…it’s hard"er" curriculum. It’s worth starting in the honors program, but it’s not worth screwing up your GPA and you can certainly drop out anytime without penalty. The campus culture is AWESOME - from a non-greek parent of a male student. Of course he was in marching band freshman/ sophomore year and solidified his friend base and roommates through grad school. Greek life for females may be more important but the guys seem to always find their clicks without it. I hope she finds her place it Auburn, it is truly the loveliest village on the plains!

I am not a student either, but I graduated from Auburn and my son will be applying this summer as well. Auburn ranked #27 for first year experience by US News, and The Princeton Review says Auburn has the happiest students of any college in the country for 2020. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be a member of the Auburn Family. I do believe your daughter would be very happy there. My son is very excited, and just really hoping for a normal experience not derailed by Covid.