Looking for a roommate


<p>I am a 22 years old French studying business in France.</p>

<p>I'm posting on this forum because I'll be intern in Manhattan for 1 year (starting in January).
Consecuently I am looking for a roommate arrangment in Manhattan for 1 year.</p>

<p>Maybe students of NYU leave the USA for an exchange program in January and so maybe there will be free rooms? I would love sharing a flat with american students, it would allow me to discover your culture, improve my english skills, have fun of course, etc.</p>

<p>Please do not hesitate to ask me more questions about anything by private message and I will give my email adress.</p>

<p>I apologize if this section is not the right one to post this topic, I am not very familiar with this website.</p>

<p>See you in Manhattan!</p>