Looking for a school w/ nursing (see details)

<p>I'm a junior attending a small private school in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have relatively excellent grades, gpa, ACT & SAT scores, participation in extra-curriculars, and service projects. I have visited a numerous amount of colleges, but still have not experieced the feeling of "this is the one". I am basically looking for more places to visit in the coming months based upon:
1. a nursing program (I am interested in health care in general, but have not decided if I want to expand this to a pre-med major, so I plan on starting as a nursing major).
2. School size: Greater than 1,000 but not much larger than 15,000 students
3. Avoid schools categorized as Commuter Schools
4. Lastly, (and this is the picky part), and I know this should not be the overall deciding factor when choosing a college, but I am looking for a school campus that is, well, beautiful. I need a place that is green, with some land, and nature. Notre Dame, for instance, would be my type of campus, where everyone parks their cars outside the grounds and there are hardly any roads running through. I want to avoid the grid-road city setting.
I'm willing to look a maximum 6-8 hours a way from Indianapolis.
Here are the colleges I have visited:
Notre Dame (no nursing program)
Hanover College (absolutely gorgeous, no nursing program, and under 1000 students)
Bellarmine University (pretty, but commuter school)
Miami of Ohio (beautiful, but the nursing program is not offered on the Oxford Campus)
University of Evansville
Aurora University
Butler University</p>


<p>Urban vs rural campus? Rural campuses will generally have more of the park like atmosphere that you seem to want, but will not usually have the medical facilities nearby that you will need for a lot of your nursing clinicals/training.</p>

<p>If you liked Notre Dame, you'll probably like Villanova although it may be a bit too far away.</p>

<p>Reconsider the distance factor! It is only for 4 years and it might be fun to explore a new area! My daughter looked programs and she too wanted a true campus feel. Her final list was: Georgetown, BC, Villanova, St Louis Univ., Penn, UVA (all direct admit to the nursing schools) and UNC and Vanderbilt (not direct admit but have great nursing).
She decided to go to UVA.
Best of luck and enjoy your search.</p>

<p>I know it's bigger than you want but you should take a look at Michigan. I think you'd find that it's not that hard to create a smaller circle of people within a big campus - especially if you are in a smaller program like Nursing. It's a top notch program at a school with a great campus, great surrounding city and smart students.</p>