Looking for a Washington DC, congressional or policy internship?

<p>(this is not an business ad, I'm a frequent poster at CC and am just trying to inform anyone who's interested in DC/policy internships)</p>

<p>So I recently discovered this awesome website, bradtraverse.com. Yes, Brad Traverse Group is a paid subscription service ($5 a month with a one-time $10 registration fee) and normally I'd highly doubt the usefulness of anything that costs money but this one is well worth it. As of today, there are over 3600 job postings, and 369 postings for student internships (many of which are paid) for various DC/public policy organizations. So if you were interested in getting a DC or policy internship and are trying to exhaust all possible resources to find the job perfect for you, this is one possible avenue to find additional opportunities (especially as it has quite a few internships that are not listed anywhere else).</p>